2 Month Update 

Weigh in and measurements

13lbs, 23 in


She was due for shots at this doctors visit. My grandma had gone with me being that Terrence couldn’t make it (had to work, duty calls). It was one of the hardest things I had to see. Not only was my grandma holding her but she had me take pictures with her phone (I’ll see about getting those from her..). But once she was done it wasn’t too bad. No after effects, she wasn’t cranky. It went fairly well. Although waiting 4 hours just for 3 shots caused me to switch pediatricians. Her pediatrician was good! Very knowledgeable and up-to-date on research studies and the medicine world, but her administrative staff fell short. It’s sad as a young black parent having to leave an all black doctors office. I’ve never been a fan of the CP time.


Breast feeding is still going strong. Actually starting to rebuild my supply! No more chapped nipples but the soreness comes and goes (lanolin helps). Able to have a pump break at work.


She’s starting to move her legs (signs of wanting to crawl) starting to scoot on her belly. Still holding her head strong!


I’ve ran out of prenatal vitamins, hoping to get more on pay day.

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