Happy Mother’s Day!

Such a magical day..

 I spent my time helping my baby to sleep better and cleaning, followed by receiving a few gifts accompanied with a few phone calls, a visit from my mom. 

 a stroll through Sandy Bottom Nature Park, & a trip to Cici’s Pizza. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m so blessed and thankful for receiving two more charms to add to my Pandora Bracelet:

Now I’m not materialistic, but this bracelet means a lot to me. It was the first time I received a not just expensive (not that price matters—it really doesn’t) but thoughtful gift (in a relationship). And even though we are no longer together, it makes me feel even more valued to still receive gifts. 

Today allowed me to reflect on not just my duties as a mother, but the task that God has called upon me to carry out. Last year on this day, I couldn’t appreciate it. I didn’t feel like a mother because Tamia had not yet been born, so when I went to church with my mother and kept receiving wishes, I grew angry. I didn’t feel like a mother. Everything was new to me, I was scared I would fail, and kept being told everything would be alright when I was trying to rationalize that idea in my head on top of struggling from paycheck to paycheck and had withdrawn from my college courses, unsure if I’d go back in the fall. 

But as I’ve said before after introducing you all to Tamia, she’s been nothing more than a blessing. She’s been a motivator, a pick-me-up, my pride (for I don’t have many) and my joy in waking up everyday. 

I look forward to waking up. With a purpose, I strive to get things done in the most effective way possible for, she is my purpose. 

Here’s to a great Mother’s Day & many more to come with my little beauty.

Hope you mothers cherished yours.


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