Prompts: Summer

First things first, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for allowing me to see the first day of this beautiful summer. I am also thankful that He allows me to have what I thought would never be possible: to be with my beautiful daughter, make time for myself, attend school, and work a job that won’t interfere with my duties, studies, or hobbies!

To kick off the first day of Summer, I’m sharing a few good things that happened to me today: 

  1. Forecast of 90 degrees- I love it when it’s warm in Virginia, because here, it gets humid. There’s a moistness in the air and while it’s not comfortable (sticky clothes, clammy hands), the sunrays on the water keep the air cooler so when the wind blows, it’s heaven on earth. You gotta be from here to understand. Now a lot of us can’t stand the weather, it’s unpredictable. But a few of us, like me, enjoy the surprises of atmosphere. However, I am glad that the heat looks like it’s here to stay.. Hence the dog days.
  2. New job- I got a call this morning from a company I interviewed for a few weeks back. The schedule is set with a great hourly wage, but it’s part time. That’s okay. I’m thankful that it allows me to be away from my baby only a few hours, and I can still go to school, as well as make time to pursue my hobbies! I will be making enough so that not only all of my bills are paid, but I can begin to build my saving(s) again. I wish I had a little more wiggle room, but it’s like said, 

It’s ok to be broke if your bills are paid and you have goals in mind.

    -Alesia Galati

    I have a lot of plans this summer and I must get started. Here are some goals I plan to tackle! 

    • Take a kickboxing class!
    • Get under 200 lbs (I’ve been this weight since middle school. I’m down 3, 3 to go!)
    • Jog  1.5 miles at least twice a week
    • Completely set up my blog
    • Put down a deposit on Real Estate Certification course

    I am so excited to be moving forward in my life at a pace that won’t burn me out! I must be doing something right… Because God and I are on the same page..

    Until Next Time,


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