Better Days Are Coming. 

I have a testimony to share. I hope this encourages you to keep faith & God above everything.

So if I haven’t told you already, I got a new job! Great pay, part-time hours (great because all of my bills are being paid and less time away from my baby, and I have time to complete my studies! But, it doesn’t start until July 18. That’s okay, I plan to use this time to relax, workout, read, anything I haven’t done in God knows how long. 

In the meantime, I am currently waiting on unemployment to process, and have bills to catch up on. This is stressful, because we have to eat. So Today, after returning my ink cartridge to have money to buy groceries, I decided I’d go to Walmart and get some groceries. I have a credit card with them that I’ve been trying to pay off but always have to end up using (Rule #1 If you’re gonna get a credit card, pay what you owe, even if it is a minimum payment they’ll take, pay more if you can!). 

Got some groceries, going to check out, it goes over the balance (I was able to exceed the balance before, thought I’d try again— no Bueno). After removing a few items and reswiping 4 times, the cashier refused to allow me to swipe, even the last 10 bucks I put towards it didn’t help *sighs*. So indecided to suck it up and withdraw my rent. 

I spent $20 at one store I love because they always guarantee fresh produce hence their name, Farm Fresh. Then decided to go to dollar tree and get snacks and anything else I could for $1. My church just happens to be next to them so I decided to stop in there first to schedule an appointment with my pastor (it’s been so long since I’ve been to church and finally made it so my family could all come, so why not? It’ll be quick). 

A woman I know (I have got to remember their names), gave me some information and before as I was getting ready to walk away, she offered me some chips. I said sure then she informed me to let anyone know who needs food that they give out boxes of food every Thursday. I said, “I need food.” And she went to work. 

A box FULL OF FOOD! Chicken, ground beef, fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, snacks (the good brands too)! I mean everything I needed was there! In the house of God. Bread, deli meet, cheese, (am I covering every food group?) juice, bagels, even an entire cake! I thanked her numerous times as she helped me get it to my truck. We talked a little more, and then I get ready to head to food lion, but I still wanted to go to Dollar Tree. I still needed milk and bread. Thought I’d save a few bucks.

I’m approaching the entrance as an older couple approaches as well. They kind of cut me off to get to the door first, and instead of being upset and holding it against them, I decided to hold the door open for them (I’ve always believed in killing rude people with kindness). Anywho, I go in, get what I need, and while I’m checking out, they happen to be behind me in line. So as I’m reaching in my wallet for my cash, the older man says, “I’ll pay for her stuff.” 

I looked around like, seriously? I thanked him a great deal as I was almost on the verge of crying. He had no idea how thankful I was & how much he was helping me out. I had to reflect on these blessings. God did not want me spending my rent money at all. And twice, I tried to and he said no. Had I not come to him (stopped off in church first), I would’ve missed out on a blessing. And had I went straight to Dollar Tree, I would been there too soon to receive the second. God works in mysterious ways. But it wouldn’t have worked out if I hadn’t been in place to receive those blessings. 

Today confirmed a few things:

  1. My faith was strong 
  2. He takes care of me despite my indiscretions 
  3. Prayer works
  4. God is real
  5. Better days are coming

As I was on my way to food lion, I noticed I’d seen this woman who was pregnant with two children at her side. I’d like to believe that God told me to give her that $10 I had been holding on to. That’s exactly what I did. I parked my car, I caught up to her and said, “Excuse me, God told me to give you this if you want it.” She replied, ” usually I wouldn’t accept this from anybody, but thank you.” I walked away and continued my ventures.
God bless you all. 

Until Next Time,



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