Fight For 15

I’ve grown up watching my mother raise 4 children as a home care worker for $8.86/hour with no change in wage. The area of Virginia that we live in has always experienced rental raises due to the area we live in (military, beach, waterfronts, and it’s a metropolitan area). For that reason she has always struggled to make ends meet. I’m advocating a call to action and ask that any Virginia resident, or anyone that knows a resident of, to inform others of this issue.

Home care workers work too hard and put up with too much to only be paid minimum wage. They drive their own cars, take time away from their families to nurture and/or raise someone else’s. In my mother’s case, she worked 40+ hours every week and always complained that she could never make it home to feed her children before bed time. Unfortunately, the person she worked for wasnt the best or as sentimental to her issues. Her agency that she worked for understood how difficult her boss was as she was not the only worked she had on staff. While my mother had worked for her for years to help care for her special needs daughter from a young age (she’s now 15), she watched a countless number of employees come and go as they could not take the stress, micromanaging ways, and verbal abuse of the little girl’s mother. Finally after years of agony, my mother finally quit and has been unemployed for months now. It’s gotten to the point where my mother left Virginia all together.

Change has to start somewhere, which is why I’m calling all residents of Virginia to sign the petition to raise the wage of Home Care Workers to $15 per hour. Please spread the word as you can make a difference.

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