Some Food for Thought

You know, everyday. I’ve played this over and over and over in my mind. Trying to understand how I will get here. But I seen something today. 

A YouTuber speaking on getting out of ruts we sometimes fall in throughout life. And she said to carry yourself as if it’s already happened. To stop thinking about why you aren’t where you want to be today and l i v e in the present. Enjoy life and take everyday as it is. 

Yesterday I watched the BET Awards and heard Jesse Williams speak. His words reminded me that I am not, We are not, doing enough with what we have been given. Now I am in a rut right now. I’m mature and realized a long time ago that God’s plan for me has already been made. But it’s the process that we must endure. This is something that will be said over and over again until you finally do it. God will continue to bring you through the same issues until you realize what is happening. 

Now, I’ve been frustrated because I always get to this point when I feel like I finally have everything planned out and am ready to implement! But God stops me in the rudest ways to tell me not yet. But my issue is I never seek the message in the struggle. I’m always trying to solve the problem. But now I’m thinking God wants me to pay attention to what happens during the struggle. Watch the dynamic, identify the shift and grab it. Hold on to it for dear life and wait for his signal. When I get the feeing I just want to jump into things head first… 🤔 But Peace be still. Yeah, peace be still. 

I can’t have what I want right now because, even though I feel like I know what to do with it.. I’ll probably do the opposite. It’ll probably be too overwhelming for me and I’ll give up. My point to you is ask yourself if you are doing everything you can with what you have been given, now? If not, why would God give you more and or better to waste?

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