Mentally Cleansing 

I’ve been taking some.. Me time. Actually doing what I’ve been saying I want to do. I’ve been reading more. Going outside. Writing. I’ve been cleaning up…
I cleaned out my linen closet, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. We all have our own shelf in the house. Mine was the worst. The most products, the most cluttered. So I went through, got rid of a lot, found a lot.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July. The day America celebrates its independence from Great Britain. It’s funny because my ancestors were still slaves at this time. I kind of got angry with social media because of the Millenials and this black movement happening everywhere I look. I mean I’m black, so I get it but OK, I GET IT. Sometimes I want to say give it a rest.

But then Alton Sterling & Philandro Castile are unjustly taken from this earth.  And to counteract we lost the lives of some good officers while they aided in a peaceful protest in Dallas. I’m not going to get into it. They didn’t deserve to die. None of them.

Well, I’ve been taking to social media these passed few weeks (pardon my absence), to see us uniting around the world.  I’ve just been in prayer and self-reflection mode. Hoping all of this subsides soon.

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