Seek God

When I say prayer helps, it helps. Last night, I reminded God of his promise that I would lend and not borrow. He came through with that promise today. I will continue to pray and remind him of his promises to me and my family. 
I’m spreading this message to anyone who is waiting on their blessings but feel discouraged. “Never be afraid to pray big prayers, never be afraid to remind God of what he promised you. His answers are yes and amen. He can’t break his promises to you. All he wants is to give you your needs AS WELL AS your desires. If you pray for ordinary, he will give you ordinary. But dare to ask for exactly what you want and watch him give you extraordinary favor.”

OK so understand these are not my words. I give JOEL OLSTEEN all of his credit due. I’ve been struggling to read this book and I’ve had it for a couple of months. 
I’m going to create a contract with as many as God’s promises as I can stand on (scripture included) because when I go to God with my case, I will give him no room to ask me for proof. And as Jesus as my lawyer, I can’t lose. I encourage you to do the same.

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