Sunday Evening Blues

There’s something about this time of this day that makes me anxious. So much goes through my head. It’s Sunday. I feel relief, I feel inspired, I am glad! Sunday is the day of rebirth. Sometimes I’m sad.

I mean Jesus rose on Sunday. Some countries look at this day as the first of the week. Maybe if I looked at it as the beginning no not so much the end, my outlook on my everyday life would change. 

I’m relieved because I made it to another day (relieved and thankful) and as it could be a Sunday of a very bad week. So I am relieved that it is ending and I can start over, fresh. Mentally, a new week awaits to do things differently. This is almost anxiously inspiring to the point where I am opted to plan out my week. I love to plan. And there are times when I can be sad of the day. Back to work, school, that of which I am not prepared. A deadline is fastly approaching and I may not be ready to handle it. Most Sunday’s are reserved for a day of rest, we all need that!

Whatever that Sunday brings, it’s a reflection of the past, but also a reaction to the future. I’ll always appreciate my Sunday’s for that.

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