A Shift is in Affect.

Just when I thought I was in this journey myself, the one person I thought I couldn’t count on, is here. 

My siblings & I relationship with one another was compromised growing up because of the relationship our parents had with one another. Actually it was nonexistent. My mother’s strong hate for my father led to resentment in even having his children, I like to believe where her mean spirit stemmed from. It was to the point where we grew to forget how to cohabit in the same house with one another. We didn’t speak to each other, and when we did it was a quarrel the entire conversation. Even when we tried to be civil, it was awkward. We all as an end result, shut down. 

We eventually as teenagers found a corner, and stayed to ourselves. A quiet house. Out of site, out of mind.

I thought this would carry on into adulthood, hoping it magically wouldn’t. Because then, I just couldn’t see things getting better between us. I thought we’d always be damaged. I came to terms with this being my reality. Never really having a close relationship with my siblings. But I’ll be…

I asked God for what I wanted and needed and he his giving me things I hadn’t even thought to ask. He is taking care of problems that I but tied in the back of my mind and long forgot about. 

I knew it was a reason why my brother has been visiting more frequently, he wants a relationship with me. He wants to stay in contact. He wants to help our siblings… and me! He went far as to say if I needed to borrow some money from him— if he has it, then so do I. This is a big step from “I’m moving far, and won’t nobody even have my number.”

… Faith without works is dead. I’m far from finished. 

Until Next Time,


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