The Blue Pill or the Red?

I need help and guidance here! I’ve been working for my current job for two months, I love it. 

Here’s an overview:

City job. Rate of pay is 14.01 an hour, but I only get 25 hours a week. It pays the bills, but I’m not able to save money like I need to. As much as they love to promote from within the company, I have to be there for at least 6 months before I can even apply for a better position. This is a permanent position. I don’t get benefits (part-time employee), except for the discounts they give me (free services they offer, discounts off rent, and amusement park tickets). the hours are mid-day, 12:30-5:30 which is okay. They’re saying I may have to come in earlier shifts. Like 5-6am, etc. it’s a lot of information to learn which I don’t mind. They have resources out the butt to guide me. There’s a solution for everything. I am also gaining the office & computer experience I’ve been seeking for a while now. But I have a daughter and I can’t just get by. I’m a single mother and will soon be working on one income. On top of that, because I’m in a different tax bracket, taxes are a killer!
Now this other job, if I am offered, 

Is a 12 month contract and pays 14.44 an hour. It’s working with shipments & customers (something else I’ve been interested in) in another city, and offers a mid-day shift but more hours (35 hours weekly, 1-8p).  Double the paycheck of what I’m getting now. Which I could definitely use. I wouldn’t have to worry about a second job, but I would have to deduct my own taxes. I just finished working a contracted position and I owe, but this job would allow me to pay it off. I believe this job maybe a city job (the business I would contract for). So I could receive some benefits/discounts. But after its up, I would be in search of another job if one is not offered to me. I was out of work for two months after my last contracted job. But I do know what I didn’t know then. And have no reasons not to save. I think I’m going to go for if I am offered, but I hate that I’ve invested do much (well I guess two months is not much and I’m not trying to make a career out of either so..?) I think I have my answer but value a second opinion. 

Help me sort this out guys! I need outside perspective! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I need to converse (laughs)! 

Until Next Time,


3 thoughts on “The Blue Pill or the Red?

  1. Because money is such an important factor, I would consider the contracted position. You know when you’re contract is up and could be looking for work starting two months before the end date. Ideally. That’s not really a secure course of action, but it will allow you to take care of finances and save money.

    On the other hand, the parttime permenant position is much more secure, but has that 6-month waiting period before you can move up in the company…Have you talked with your current employer about your situation? Maybe they would be willing to work with you and provide more hours? Sorry, if this isn’t helpful, lol. It is a difficult situation. They both have their own pros and cons.

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    • I definitely agree here! I have been asking and offering myself to them to work extra hours but because it is government funded, they will not budge. They can only afford to pay me a certain amount per year I’m working. They sent me home 2 hours early yesterday because I have orientation to go to on Monday that’s 8 hours, just to balance out my hours. It was great getting off early but at the same time, I was sent home two hours early because I wasn’t feeling well Wednesday, and when I asked if I could come in an early to make up for those hours they said no. So I’m down two hours of my next check.


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