World Breastfeeding Week

This has been a long 11 months, since I gave birth to my daughter. In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I’d like to share with you my journey:

It started out rough as I could not get her to latch on in the hospital following her birth. The nurse thought she was being stubborn and just didn’t want to latch on. There were a few times of success but it wasn’t easy. I felt defeated at times because I had to feed her formula almost immediately in the hospital which I did not want to do, but I couldn’t starve her…

We later discovered at her pediatrician (at the time) that her tongue needed to be snipped on its underside, which was preventing its extension outward. Her tongue wouldn’t extended past her lips out of her mouth which eventually would have caused problems with opening her mouth for a bottle. Her dad and I decided to allow the minor no surgical procedure. It did bleed a little but almost instantly stopped and I was instructed to go ahead and nurse immediately after which calmed her down. I was brought to tears because I was finally able to feed my baby everything she needed…

I did continue to supplement with formula. While I was not able to nurse her, I pumped Every two to three hours to keep my supply going. As the months passed and when I was able to nurse of course, that diminished. 

Currently, I have I stopped pumping, and nursed during her snack times as she is currently on solids. At 11 months, I am still breastfeeding at night, as I am struggling to get her off the boob for night feedings. It’s a constant battle because that’s how I get her to sleep. And other ways have not worked for me (dad can sing and rock her to sleep but she doesn’t expect that from me). She won’t even sleep in the crib if I’m around. Her current pediatrician says one step at a time. I am currently trying to get her onto 2% milk by her birthday because, that is when I will plan to stop breastfeeding. For now I am going to reduce her nursing sessions to mayb just at night or once during the day and the night feedings. Giving her more 2%, I have hopes of weaning all together by next month. 

Overall, I have enjoyed our moments we have as I nurse her. I love when she caresses my breast and she glares at me as if it is the safest place in the word for her. We’ve recently shared a moment where I make her giggle while she is feeding which melts my heart and doesn’t help me with making the decision of weaning (laughs). I am looking forward to the next steps in her development as she gets bigger and am eager to see where else our journey takes us!

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