Thank God!!

Only one word to describe how felt, joy. We finally came to terms with having to hire a babysitter. At first, we were panicking. Because of our experiences as children being around them, and especially those we didn’t know. Kids can be mean and a lot of people claim to be babysitters and don’t carry out the task to the best of their abilities. Ideally, we’d like to keep her at home with us where we know she is safe. But life happens and you have to do, what you have to do.

On a leap of faith, thankfully a close friend of mine has experience and enjoys babysitting. She also has a son of her own and is such a sweetheart. We decided to try her out and allow her to babysit Tamia. I think everything works out with us only having one car to get to and from work, and it being 2-3 hours and only 3 days a week she would have to babysit before I get off. I will eventually work longer hours or want to leisurely do something, so we decided it is best if we ease her into this transition. She has been at home with one of us since she was born (with the exception of having mom or grandma babysit sometimes). 

She did well for her first day, actually better than being with a relative! She cried 15 minutes after being dropped off but did better than we thought! When I came to get her I was in awe seeing her interact with the other kids. Especially the little girl in the photo (they’re one month apart).

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