Dog Dayz

Now playing: D’Angelo/ Untitled (How Does It Feel) spotify radio

Setting the scene: 

I’m at the bus stop waiting on the bus.

The heat index (feels like temperature) is 106 degrees. The sun is beaming down my shoulders and back… I feel as if my body is being exfoliating itself… It feels amazing.

Usually people would complain but the other passengers understood, as the driver opened all of the Windows (it was either that or park the bus and go no where). I love when everyone cooperates. Moving throughout the city, the inside of the bus caught an impeccable breeze. While I’m sitting in the very back seat making conversation with another passenger, I take the time to appreciate the summer in its essence.

Higher by D’Angelo is playing (I love my neo-soul music), and it’s as if I am experiencing 90s. While I was born in that decade, I was too young to recall it. But today was exactly how I imagined it to be on the hottest day of the year. 

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