A couple of nights ago, I dreamt of someone I knew assuring me the time was/is now. To do it, go for it!

I strongly believe God was speaking to me through that person. I still can’t  place face to that person but i think that was the point. I believe that is how I am certain it was God giving me a message  for who can place face to him? Who has seen him other than Jesus himself? But I  know I am fond of the vessel He used and have endearing respect for them. I felt spiritually connected.

I know it was God. We were sitting across from each other and the vessels hands were balled up and planted firm on the table. Its’ posture was assuring and upright. As if she was of a righteous background. When I had awakened, I knew exactly what I needed to do..

I’m here to tell you if you been feeling like I have but just haven’t been sure if it was the right time or even how to start, the time is now. Get started. Even if it is just planning, get to work! 

God bless you guys. Until Next Time,


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