3 Study Tips to ensure a Successful Semester


I went through a lot last week. After almost losing my job and injuring myself (wasn’t doing anything strenuous, just bending down for the wipes to change baby’s diaper), I needed some time to hurt and to process what was going on. Now that has came and gone, and on top of that, being into my first week of classes , I realized I literally have nothing to lose..

This dance, I’ve been doing has got to end.

I have re-enrolled in a class that I have failed last semester from being burnt out and tending to the baby even though I had extra help to tend to my studies— I’m a mom, what can I say?) Looking back on it, the class is actually easy, just a lot of work. But I guess I understand, it’s online. They have to make it challenging some how, right? I enrolled with the same instructor, and noticed that she has put all of the assignments for the semester online, open to submission. 


Some instructors will have no problem posting the work in advance, some may have their own lives to juggle and just won’t have time. They therefore utilize the followed schedule to post assignments as each week approaches. It doesn’t hurt to ask! The worst they can say is no, but if you’re like me you may want to get some or all of the work completed and just be done with it. You do your best to create a schedule, but lets be real, with a little one crawling around, there is no guarantee, babysitters cancel, there could be a schedule change at work, and the like. Which brings us to 


This is a holy grail task for me! I have always been forward-thinking and I’ve always pushed to be ahead of the game. This tactic never fails me. If you really want to beat time, I set my assignments to be due a day or two from the actual due date. That way if I look back and panic (BECAUSE I AM A PROCRASTINATOR), I’ll rush to get it done only to see at the assignment drop off page it wasn’t due for another day or two. That way my work is on time! I love that most of my classes give me the first week to study the syllabi and get acquainted with Bb. I use this time to get a head start on my assignments for the semester.


I have found that when I focus my time on the heavily weighted assignments, I find my grade doesn’t suffer too much..

This sounds a little unsure. Let me explain: 

See if you read your syllabus, (flash tip: KNOW YOUR SYLLABI!) the instructor usually itemizes each type of assignment you’ll get in the class and next to it is a weighted percentage of its overall worth. It’ll look like this:

Tests 40%

Quizzes 25%

Chapter Summary 25%

Virtual Field Trips 10%

This is a perfect example of prioritizing your assignments from most to least importance. Moms, we have children, we have jobs, and things happen. Let’s say worst case scenario, we haven’t worked on anything all week. It’s the weekend and we look up and realize we have assignments do!we begin to panic begin to rationalize our assignments.. 

So which one of these assignments am I not doing?

Field trips are only 10% of the over all percentage so if we missed one field trip while focusing all of the remaining time we have on the assignments that will keep our grade afloat (tests are a few times given so let’s say quizzes which are on average with every chapter and summaries which are reoccurring) quizzes and summaries are 50% of our overall grade alone! Focusing on that, next week is a new week, brush it off and keep going.

I’ll leave with this:

Understand as moms, everything is trial and error, sometimes we get discouraged but it’s the superwoman in us that continue to keep on keepin on! I hope these tips helped and if you liked them, let me know! If you think of any other tips that helped you, I can use as much help as the next mommy! 

Have a Productive Semester!

Until Next Time,



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