New Domain Coming Soon!

Hey guys,

so for those who follow my posts regularly, I will be changing the address name from iamtaureenia to something new! While this will reside as my page title, I decided to change  the address because my name is not the easiest to remember spelling wise, so I thought I’d think of something easier for readers to reference and to bring in more traffic!

With that being said I am holding on this process because

Drum Roll Please…

I am finally going to buy a domain and make it official! Currently I am exploring the options…

Options? I didn’t know I had options!! Now I’m a little confused. I will definitely need some guidance from some blogger gurus and experts on this one as I am still fairly new to this (I think).

SO I was considering two options:

  1. Redirecting my current address to the new one (I don’t want to lose any of my current followers— recently had a run in with this. So I changed it via my iPhone (as 95% of my blogging is on it) and was made aware that my site couldn’t be accessed. I changed it back and have had no problems. I’d like to avoid this from happening.
  2. Just start over with a new domain (but will I lose my 38 followers?)

Please comment below on what the best option is. I want my new domain to be how it is accessed but don’t want to lose my current following. Even though it is not that big, I feel I have built a repertoire with you all and am not willing to let you go or potentially lose you all for that matter!

Help me guys!

Love Always,


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