Sunday Night Reflections #LifeofTF

What my day consisted of. 

Im just trying to stay focused on the goals and have love on the baby in the process. So many thoughts are constantly going through my mind knowing the real test is soon ahead. It can be scary seeing yourself where you want to be and knowing it’s so close but looking from where you are seems beyond your reach. This is nothing but Jesus in me, because no matter my current situation I still speak on where I’m going. I usually don’t boast, but if I had a friend who constantly pushed through despite current trials, not dwelling or allowing the problem to keep them where they are, like I do, life would that much more worth while. Until that day comes, all I can do is continue to motivate myself and teach Tamia to do the same. 

These days have been productive. I have recently changed up the blog, and fixed a few things. I am participating in BLOGTOBER, where I will attempt to post ever day for the month of October (low-key excited) and have been taking this month to plan. 

Currently, it is 9:20 and I am waiting on my sister to get back from her school trip to take her home. But I feel like she gon have to catch a ride because they taking too long and I need to finish this homework before midnight (two assignments left) *rolls eyes*. 

Until Next Time,


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