Blogtober|Day Four: Why Am I Doing This Again?


I just realized something, I was so excited about blogtober, that I jumped straight in without even mentioning why (laughs). Well, today’s post will be about just that. Let’s get into it:

  1. To submerse myself more into WordPress and familiarize myself: ok, so I wanted to consistently just post every day. No particular reason other than I’ve been trying to post at least twice a week. (Monday or Wednesdays & Saturdays). I’ve been trying to keep up and with my busy life being a mom, a student, and working, the only time I really have to breathe is when everyone else is asleep, but by then, I’m just as tired. Which is what happened yesterday. Which brings me to
  2. This is a personal challenge to ensure I’m tackling everything on my plate: I set so many goals, and when I began to get overwhelmed, one never gets done. But who says I can’t get them all done? To wrap up this year, it’s all about mind over matter for me. Whatever goals I set at the beginning of the year will be completed even if I have to lose some sleep. I’ve never challenged myself this hard before but I think that I am handling it quite well. I love the feeling of accomplishment and can’t wait to bask in it at the end of the month.
  3. Get my creative juices flowing: Stimulating the right side of my brain is definitely needed if I want to pull this off. I am still trying to figure out what audience I want to attract to my blog and blogtober has already influenced a few ideas; for the near future. Allowing my mind to work on its own, I’ve been able to pick and choose those influences.
  4. Trying to Mingle: so if you don’t already know I am looking to make a passive income from my blog and take this very seriously. But of course I am all about having fun with it too. I’ve been consistent since the beginning of Summer. While I speak to some of my followers from time to time, I feel like I’ve been confined or in a bubble per say. I want to not only want to submerse myself to the WordPress Community, I also want to attract more traffic to my blog as well and transform my visitors to subscribers.

With that being said, I would love to hear from anyone else who is thinking about joining the challenge (Do it!) and if you already are, tell me why! Happy blogtober!



3 thoughts on “Blogtober|Day Four: Why Am I Doing This Again?

  1. I wish you luck on turning your blog into a revenue stream:) I’m glad I met you now then to watch your journey:) I try to blog every day as well, but only because I know it’s easier to do something 100% of the time than it is to do something 98% of the time.

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