Blogtober| Day Six: 3 Ways I Stay Encouraged

Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten to a low point. As much as I am in high spirits, believe me when I say it’s been an internal struggle. With everything I have going on… oh if you knew my life, you’d be wondering why I haven’t tapped out.

Well, Here are my top three strategies I use to motivate myself:

  1. Seek God: Whenever I am stressed and exhausted, I am looking for someone to vent to. However, this past year God has been trying to tell me to vent to him, not others. Because honestly, what can they do? Sometimes we can be discouraged by talking to other people. I don’t know about you, but God has always supplied me with all of my needs, whether I deserved it or not. If it’s not broke… I promised my dad I would pray every morning. The days that I did pray, I noticed I have been more at peace with my circumstances. The days I forgot, well… I made it through.
  2. Plan: Faith without works is dead (James 2:26). You will always see me with a pen and a college ruled notebook. Mainly because I love to write things down (I use my phone as a reminder and alarm), but my dreams, aspirations, and priorities are personal. I have to touch and feel what I’m doing in order for me to learn and recall information (I am a kinesthetic learner). And planning for me, is fun. 
  3. Put Yourself in Place: Just imagining myself where I aspire to be is the motivation, but I can’t just sit and hope things workout. I’m constantly revamping my skills, reading motivational and informational books, watching tutorials, and I constantly give myself a pep talk (this is actually daily), I even try to submerse myself around those already ahead of me. It’s not envy, it’s motivation. 

These again, are are my motivators I use to keep myself encouraged (it really doesn’t take much to get me moving). I speak to those who are at a stand still and are reluctant to move. Those who question why even keep trying. At this point I’m at the stage where I have nothing to lose. 

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