Blogtober|Day Eight: 10 Things I Love About Autumn

While Autumn has never been my favorite season (don’t really like being cold), I’ve been anxious for it to arrive. Maybe because I’ve been finding every opportunity to hit the reset button. I love knowing that I can start over again whether it’s a new day, new week, new month, or season! I’ve been all about taking in things as they come so I welcome this brisk season with 10 things I actually enjoy about Autumn:

  1. The Aura: is it just me or is it something about the Autumn Equinox sun that’s different from the spring? It looks different— the light appeals differently. Almost like it’s mellowed out. Anyway I know when it’s back to school time and I just get into this gitty mood. I love it. 
  2. Fall Back an hour: That extra hour of sleep! Even though my body still wakes up an hour earlier, just knowing I’m up early before my alarm (because I hate alarms), makes me feel more prepared for the day. I think I’ll use this time to actually prepare. 
  3. Sweater Weather: I love sweaters! It’s something about sweaters that make me feel bundled up and comforted. I’m really tall so compared to others I’ve always stood out. Sometimes I like to just blend in and a sweater does that for me. Makes me feel cradled (don’t judge me).
  4. Pumpkin Spice: I discovered this beautiful flavor last year. What have I been missing! This year I actually tasted the pumpkin spice flavored gelati from Rita’s at the end of the summer and I fell in love! Aah. 7-11 has the creamer and latte, even though I’m not a big fan of lattes, I’ll mix it with the French vanilla cappuccino or hot chocolate for a morning/mid-day pick me up to brighten my spirits and to stay warm! Heaven in a mug.
  5. Movies: I’m planning movie night with Tamia. All of my favorites from Halloween Town to Harry Potter in honor of the Holiday! I just love feeling like a kid again and hope she enjoys them just as much as I did (and still do)!
  6. Holidays: Halloween (candy and scary movies) & Thanksgiving (food)!! Need I say more?
  7. Leaves Changing Colors: I get so excited seeing the leaves in the streets! Yellows, oranges, and reds! Thank God I don’t have to take them anymore!
  8. Long walks: I would always go on long walks after school with my best friend, just talking about anything and everything. 
  9. Scarves & Gloves: Did I mention I love to knit? I’m thinking BIG, fluffy, and i n f i n i t y!!
  10. Football: I live right next to a University and am always reminded of the Season when I can hear the band in the distance practicing for football season! It’s always a good temperature to open my doors and windows (I love when I don’t have to run the AC)!

What do you love about Autumn? If you enjoyed this post, please like this post because I love feed back and I’ll be talking to you tomorrow! Until then,

Happy Blogtober.

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