Blogtober|Day Nine: 5 Hip Hop Songs I Appreciate Now That I’m Older

Happy Sunday! Today’s post I dedicate to Music. 

Now I know this is the Lord’s day, but I love listening to old school  hip hop (I can’t believe I just said old school when I’m only 22) on a Sunday afternoon. I’m an old soul at heart, and neo-soul and hip hop are my favorite music genres. 

Now I was that kid (and still am) that listened to a song for the hook and the beat. I’m not saying I’m shallow when it comes to music, but I was growing up (laughs). Now, I look for not only a good hook and beat, but content as well. Everything has to catch my attention. I believe that’s what make a song timeless. Something I can pull out and listen to as if it was my first time hearing it. That’s just how I am. You can’t halfway sell me. 

Now back then there were great artists left and right. So honestly, if it was the right artist, I didn’t care what they were saying. This sounds so contradicting, so I think I’ll let the list speak for itself now:

  1. Made You Look by Nas
  2. What We Do by Freeway
  3. Bad Boyz by Shyne 
  4. Bring da Ruckus by Wutang Clan
  5. I Used To Love H.E.R. by Common

These are not in any particular order, and just a few. What about you? Comment below. Until Tomorrow,

Happy Blogtober.

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