Blogtober|Day Ten: Why I Started Blogging

My story behind blogging is bitter sweet for me. I’ve always been interested in blogging— ever since I was younger. In fact, I remember when I first discovered Blogger back in elementary school. I was so smitten by acting and inspired by actors and actresses my age, I didn’t realize that it was something I could do (especially at age 7). I was so fascinated with child superstars that I dedicated an entire blog to them. People like Paige Hurd, the Mowry sisters (and brother), Alexa Vega (I loved Spy Kids— action movies would be my forte), and Hillary Duff! There were a lot more but I’m not going to sit here and name them all. But I would write out movie scripts, short stories, and even comics. Writing, was always my creative niche. I loved computers and typing so it went hand in hand. That’s where my blogging interest came from.

I’m just so excited to have rediscovered it and plan to never lose touch with it. Lately I’ve been thinking about all of my childhood dreams and still get as excited about them as I did in the past. Blogging has helped me to get back to those hobbies I really enjoyed. It can be time consuming but, I can say that this the first time since then that I have felt in control of my destiny and complete. Every morning I am waking up with that purpose I was speaking on in my  Dream Won’t Chase Me Poem. Blogging has had me thinking about my life and my overall goals I have always set for myself. While some I will continue to push towards, others I think will change. The things I always looked at as important in my life, I’m not so sure of anymore, and I think I’m okay with it.

Well, enough of my rambling, share in the comments your blogging story. 

Until Tomorrow,

Happy Blogtober!

2 thoughts on “Blogtober|Day Ten: Why I Started Blogging

    • Agreed! I’ve been so in to getting things done now and quickly out of fear they will never get done, I’m starting to realize later isn’t such a bad thing. I’ve never been the person just to not do something or even forget about it. But any who, thank you for reading. How did you get started?


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