Blogtober|Day Eleven: Babbling About Last Saturday 10.1

Saturday morning started with an inspection at Meineke… well suppose to be. I was there at 7:30, but I couldn’t wait until 2:00 to have my car, Tamia needed diapers (forgot to restock her diaper bag before I dropped her off with her aunt) so 

I was kind of stressing about that and I felt like I wasn’t really wanted there. I always go there for an inspection and oil change. I guess because my mom always said go there, but they always try to get money out of me when I go. I really don’t care for them honestly. 

Any who, I always go in there with my books to study, this particular time I went in and I always adjust the chairs and get comfy. Well, for some reason the mechanic had an issue with it and told me to reposition them. Let me explain, I totally get it, I’m not at home. So I deserved all of that. But if this was an issue why didn’t you mention this the last couple of times I come in here doing this? Never said a word about it until then. Maybe it was because of the time of the month. Inspection time, okay I get it. 

I felt a little embarrassed. He was loud, and there were two other customers in there. I guess I walked into that but there is a way to talk to people. He was just rude. A few minutes later he reminded me of my wait time and suggested to have someone pick me up and just come back. He urged me to leave and there were two other people in there for the same thing. After I confirmed my knowledge of the wait time, he persisted. I just figured it was my only time to study with no distractions and instead of watching their tv (didn’t want to watch what was set—daytime tv), I’d make the best use of my time.

I hate being put on the spot. I don’t usually make myself a home, but because I had been coming there for years and had a repoire with them. I didn’t think they’d mind. Well, that’s ok. I was so appalled by what just happened, I just told him I’d come back next week. I couldn’t wait that long anyway. I probably won’t be back in there. No hard feelings about what happened I just don’t like that they try to upcharge me when I’m serviced and the situation just elapsed my patience with them.

Well that’s my little ramble (laughs).

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