Blogtober|Day Twelve: If I Won the Lottery

I think we all have had this moment of “if I won the lottery”. I probably wouldn’t even announce it. No one would know. Maybe I’m lying. I’d be too excited to keep it to myself. I’d probably celebrate then up and leave with no knowledge. First things first, I’d get the lump sum instead of a recurring payoff (don’t like the idea of anyone continuously dipping in my pockets). Then,

  1. Pay off  my debts. I have a lot of student loans but they aren’t even $20k in total. I have a credit card bill as well I would take care of. So I’d definitely knock those out. And I think that’s all of my debts with a few minor bills I can take care of on my own.
  2. Buy a house! I’ve been talking about buying a house for almost a year now, so I’d go ahead and put a down payment on that. 
  3. Buy a good used car: I love SUVs. Not these new Crossover soccer mom looking vans (no offense). The traditional Sports Utility Vehicle is more of my taste. My dream car is the Honda Pilot (2009-15). I also love the Nissan Xterra that was discontinued in 2015. Any model from there back to 09 I can get with. I just love space, and I feel safer in a big truck versus a little car (especially with my baby). 
  4. Investments: I was talking to a friend I met at my last job about stocks. I’ve been wanting to read up on them ever since that conversation. It stuck, now I have to see what it’s about. When will I start, is a good question. I’m hoping sometime next year.
  5. TITHES: This is actually the very first thing I will do. I gotta skim the Lord’s cut off the top (laughs). 

Everything else will be an emergency fund. I have no plans to stop working. I am leaving a inheritance for my baby. How will I if I’m chillin like I earned an early retirement? A lottery hit is not a break from working for me, but merely means to an end. What would you do? Let me know in the comments or if you are following me on instagram, twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, leave me a comment there and let’s get a discussion going!

    2 thoughts on “Blogtober|Day Twelve: If I Won the Lottery

    1. The first thing I would do is pay of my Student Loan (which never seems to disappear!). I’d also make sure my Mom had whatever she needed and pay off any bills that she has!! From there, who knows! I’m not the one to spend money just because I have it!

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