Blogtober|Day Fifteen: TV Series I’m Loving

Happy Saturday!! 

So, I was scrolling through my feed and came across a list of blog topics by Cookies & Contour. I’m so glad I seen this as I was not running out of ideas, but not sure which what I wanted to discuss next. This topic immediately caught my eye as while I don’t have time to watch much tv, I did just finish binge watching a great show that left me speechless:

 This is my show. 

Luke Cage is awesome. Marvel knows exactly what they are doing. What stood out to me the most about this show, was that it didn’t feel like a fake universe, it was incorporated into today’s events. Black culture is everywhere. The Harlem Renaissance Era happened to be my favorite era in history and for them to incorporate that into the comic without it sounding like a history lesson was perfect (even though I love history). I was discussing the actual comic with someone and found out a little background about Mariah (played by Alfre Woodard). Towards the end of the season she takes on her nickname, which is also her official villain identity in the comic, Black Mariah. This was also what her cousin, Cotton Mouth (played by Mahershala Ali) refers to her as such during an argument, sending her over the edge. 

In the comic, Black Mariah is apparently (correct me if I’m wrong in the comments… I love comments 🙂 heavier and resembles a traditional Haitian woman 🇭🇹. When it was brought to my attention that Monique, one of my favorite actresses would’ve k i l l e d this role, I flipped tables. Because I definitely agreed! I love me some Alfre Woodard, but Monique would’ve done it! I think it may have something to do with her being blacklisted which sucks. But I don’t feel like Netflix would care about being blacklisted. Maybe because she doesn’t seem like a good council women (Alfre Woodard definitely fits that half). She was in one of their movies maybe last year that was really good. And I don’t feel like she would have turned them down, I mean it’s Marvel! Well maybe Marvel said no.. what do you think? I wouldn’t be mad if she was in the next season (smirks).

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