Blogtober|Day Sixteen: Blogtober Update, November Plans, ETC.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, so thankful I am alive to see it. Hoping all is well!

Blogtober Update: Y’all. Blogtober has worn me out! While I’ve been enjoying the challenge, man my schedule has been hectic. 

I was thinking about stopping midpoint, because I have another class starting and a midterm this week, so I’ve been working on those. But for some crazy reason, I feel like I should keep going. I missed only one day which I am proud of, but I’ve been putting other things off. Not because I haven’t made time, but my schedule has been slammed. So what I think I’ll do is work on a schedule readjustment.

Plans for November: I am definitely taking a break! Thirty days of non-stop blogging? As much as I love it, I need to regroup and give myself some time to plan out material. How long? I’m thinking the first two weeks of November. One of my goals for Blogtober was to focus on discovering a niche, I still haven’t figured that out just yet, but I have some incorporations that I will be using like the inspirational quote of the week on Wednesday’s. I am going to continue looking for a new place (if you didn’t know already, I’m planning to move!) so I will definitely be doing some interior design posts. And focusing on getting through this semester! Straight A’s is the goal! With that being said, back to the books! 

If you’ve been following my blogtober posts, I’d love to hear which ones you’ve enjoyed so far in the comments below! Until Tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “Blogtober|Day Sixteen: Blogtober Update, November Plans, ETC.

  1. Hello. I like the posts where you write about you. But keep on exploring during Blogtober. I know what you mean about looking for a niche. My first blog* was intended to be a travel blog but while a lot of my posts were travel based I had to be a little inventive because I wasn’t travelling enough.

    *actually my first blog was a private travel blog to tell my sister about my trip to Australia. Thani decide to go “public”

    Best wishes for the rest of Blogtober, it’s very impressive that you’re doing it, plus school and being a Mum.

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