Blogtober|Day Nineteen: A Message to a Dreamer..

 There is apost I encourage you to read. This post personally spoke to me because I know that I am aware of being at a crossroads on my journey to pursuing my dreams. I am fully aware of what I should be doing at all times… even if I allow myself to be distracted for a moment. I am constantly saying to myself, 

“You could be doing [this] right now”… 


“I could’ve taken care of [that]…”

But everyday, God blesses me with another day. Everyday, I am thankful for another opportunity to do what I’ve should have done the day before. This past year I’ve learned that, I wasted more time, pondering my losses and worrying than taking that same time and doing something about it.

Stumbling across this post by Jay at this time in my life is no coincidence. But merely, God’s confirmation that my conscious has identified with the Holy Spirit. Indeed, he lives in me. I challenge you to dream, and the next time you get that urge to do something that will influence pursuing that dream, stop what you are doing, and follow it. You won’t regret the rewarding feeling..

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