Blogtober|Day Twenty: 6 Tips I Use To Achieve My Dreams

  1. Prayer & Meditation: this keeps me at peace. I haven’t meditated in about a week sad to say, because as I started at 7:30 every morning until 8:00, I haven’t been getting much sleep, so I’ve been sleeping through my alarm unfortunately. But prayer is the one thing I never forget to do. Even I I’m just laying in bed. Sometimes, I’m half asleep in prayer. I need to make sure I am communicating with God constantly. Personally, this is my way of letting God know that I am focused on him, always.. and that I am seeking him in every move I make. I don’t move without his command.
  2. Set Goals: this is direction. It keeps me focused. Every day I am imagining myself at the finish line, less stressed, happier, my daughter taken care of, loved, etc. This is my life’s purpose(s).
  3. Write Goals Out: This is my life’s purpose on paper. I’ve been meaning to draw up a contract with God, which is going to require some time, passion, and thought. 
  4. Research, Research, Research: educating myself, not only gives me onsite to my dreams, but I have an idea what to expect, and it either motivates me to keep pushing towards it, or it may help me to discover it may not be for me.
  5. Reach Out: networking. An insite from someone where I strive to be helps me tremendously. In doing this, I hope to meet a few friends and especially a mentor!
  6. Forward, always. Man, I love this quote from Luke Cage. The past is already gone. I can’t change it. Why should I waste time reliving it? Forgiving myself and moving forward with my life is the key. The sun will continue to rise and set with or with out me. 

There are two things that are constant in this world… 


and forward…


I hopes this helps someone out there. If you have anything to add, comment below!

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