Blogtober|Day 25: Decisions!

Monday Morning: So I missed this weekends Blogtober. I had homework and my car inspection and just a lot of stress— what did I do? I have been binge-watching tv shows. 

I’ve been pushing myself the hardest I ever have. While I’m seeing results, I have been losing a lot of energy. I’m ok with that but I have been a little more stressed. Let me explain:

I’ve been offered a new job. Benefits after 60 days, bonuses, and more hours. It is however, more stressful than my current job (and which I enjoy). I’m all for learning something new, but because I know I’m not interested in making either of these jobs lifelong careers, it’s really eating at me. They are what I like to say, a means to an end. 

Speaking on my current job, I can see myself here for a while, so I can finish school, but my current position is part-time. They have a full-time position opened that I have applied for. I am already doing the job duties required. They are however, still looking to interview. While I am qualified for this position, there is no guarantee that I will be chosen for the position. And I don’t want to let this job offer go. 

Monday Afternoon: In these upcoming weeks, my schedule will drastically change. I have spoken to my managers today about the open full-time position and the manager from the other company who has extended me an offer of employment… I’m just praying I am making the right decision.

As far as Blogtober, I am still going to push content as much as possible, but I am behind on assignments and some chores need to get done around the house. You know how that goes. I am however proud of myself for participating this long. And I am also thankful for this job opportunity. Everything has been life changing for me since I stepped in to role of motherhood, so I fear of making mistakes. I’m constantly trying to remember that— that is what life is all about, learning.

Until Next Time,


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