Blogtober| Day 21: Home Decor DIYs (mini-series part 1)

Happy Friday! As I mentioned before, I plan to move soon (when… ask me again in a month). It’s always something about moving that brings me joy. Why? Because I love the idea of a fresh start. So I thought I’d do a 3-part series of inspirational decor ideas for my next place.

Wall decor has been weighing on my mind for months… specifically, family pictures. Now growing up, my mom thought family wall pictures looked tacky, but personally I always seen it as a form of being proud of your family. Not so much prideFUL but being satisfied and thankful for your loved ones. While some ways can look tacky, others I’ve recently discovered to look really tasteful. I came across a few to strike me as creative, with a touch of class. I definitely plan to incorporate family pictures to my wall decor. Here are a few ideas I came across:This is an old door refinished with hooks at the base and family pictures sized to fit over the glass to create a coat hanger/wall art for the mudroom.

 Now this one is that hint of class I mentioned earlier. I would definitely incorporate this with maybe my future wedding pictures or maybe just a memorabilia of how my future husband and I started our family!

I would definitely consider doing this as an accent wall. I am currently interested in a loft style apartment and wouldn’t mind doing this in the main area like pictured above.

I thought this was just cute. This would be a personal frame I would incorporate either in my room or my bathroom for a pop of color..

I like the idea of the family tree, but I’m more into the DIY idea and not anything I can just stick on the wall. It was really the arrangement of the pictures that caught my eye. What do you think?

Which one is is your favorite?

6 thoughts on “Blogtober| Day 21: Home Decor DIYs (mini-series part 1)

  1. I like the idea of a door being reused as a display unit, it could be developed as a series of small boxes to display items, things like shells found on beaches, models made by children, any kind of family “treasure”.
    I like the wall of photos in the second picture too. My sister has a wall of family photos in her snug and a friend has lined the walls of her staircase; both look really good.

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