It’s done.

i-did-itI finally bought my domain! I decided on it months ago, I was just hesitant about upgrading (money has been tight). I had a little more room, so before I cleaned out my pockets, I just went for it! Such a sigh of relief to know that know one had snagged the domain. This was a major step in my blogging journey because it reassured me that I am serious about my goals and that I am moving in the right direction. Even though I am tight with my money (I don’t usually get to hold a paycheck for too long before bills and responsibilities take over), I understand that this was a necessary step in the journey and it was money well invested. Money is made to be spent, and I will make plenty more (in Jesus’ name)..

I feel good about this.. Yup. This is a good thing. What should I do next? Any suggestions for someone trying to gradually grow their following? 

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