Life Update!!

I feel like I have been neglecting lifeoftf (new site url). Here I am to reassure myself that I have in fact not been. As I stated in my about me page, I will try to post twice a week. As Sunday is approaching this Saturday afternoon, I though I’d pop in and let anyone who cares know, that I am alive and well (smiles). Let’s get an update, shall we?

What’s been going on? So if you don’t already know, I started a new job on Monday that is going very well to start. Praying for a long time with the company and that it is as beneficial to me as I will be to them.

First things first, Greetings as I wave to my new followers! I think I just gained three just in this one day. It warms my heart to know that people are engaged in my story. Okay, back to my life.

So with this new job, I am readjusting to the 40 hour work week, as my last job was 25. Just trying to get back into the groove and I think I am handling it quite well. I am of course, now limited on my free time, so I have been trying to balance my agenda this past week to create a flow of my daily routine. Hmm, maybe I should do a post on how I balance my agenda… 

Speaking of ideas, I have a lot of drafts I’ve been working on including some posts on beauty. I have a hair regimen & a skin regimen post in the works, I haven’t posted them yet, because I want to see how my hair and skin reacts to the product(s) I have been using. A review of those products will be included as well.

I’m also trying to finish the semester strong, I have Bs in both of my classes, and I’d like to make them A’s (my original goal).

Tamia has been a sponge, growing and soaking in everything around her. Now that I am back at a 40 hour work week, I’ve been trying to ensure I am spending a time designated to her. I want to miss a thing!

I think that in taking this journey with lifeoftf seriously, I went in thinking that things had to be done all at once. I have realized that this journey has to be experienced. It is a gradual paced technique that I am trying. It is definitely taking some getting used to because I have always just been in a rush to do things. But patience is a virtue. Bare with me. This step is necessary for growth.
Until Next Time,


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