First Time Couponing!!

Money is tight, and has been for a while. And ever since I came across a girl who came into my line (I was a cashier at Kmart) who paid nothing but tax after an $80.00+ transaction, I refuse to pay full price if I can help it! Shoot, I love saving money, who doesnt? So I finally decided to try it. I started a couponing book, and finished my first attempt to coupon.

In the end, I saved about $8.00. Which is perfectly fine, seeing my grand total decrease made my heart skip a beat (laughs), but I was expecting to pay maybe $20 dollars, not $75. But I give myself the benefit of the doubt. One, I was in Walgreens. Well, let’s get into my list of things I learned:

  1. Starting at one store actually kept me from becoming overwhelmed. Clipping the coupons alone stressed me out. For my first store, I picked Walgreens.
  2. I went online, read the disclosures.Β I also utilized my Walgreens card that earned me a couple of bucks to use on my next Β visit as well as more coupons on related products!
  3. I only clipped coupons for items I know I needed. I just happened to need a lot, and as I learn more about the couponing game, hopefully I get to a point where I’m only paying the tax. Initially, i began to pick up anything and found my tab growing. I found that in sticking to the list, I saved myself more money and stress.

Well not bad for my first trip, and it was quite fun. Any comments or suggestions? Let me know!

25 thoughts on “First Time Couponing!!

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  2. I recommend stacking you savings. First, only purchase what you are planing to get/ need. Then find the store with the best deals. Look for in store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Stack those with rebates from smart phone apps! Couponing takes some time, but it’s worth it. I’ve saved hundreds from snapping receipts and using rebate apps. It’s a small amount of work for savings that add up! I occasionally post ways to save if interested! I’d love to cross-share our tips!

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  3. Lol I too just got into the coming thing and want to blog about my experience. My first time I had $3.00 extra care bucks from CVS and a rebate from ibotta. I bought a diet coke, and 2 packs of chips a joy cookies, paid $1 out of pocket, used my rebate, and end up getting paid $1.50 for buying it lol…I’m hooked but trying to plan a bigger trip. Lol

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    • Hi!! I’m sorry for the late reply, I just seen your comment pending.

      Definitely share your experience! And yes I have gotten better since then. I love Ibotta and checkout51 sometimes they have the same rebates which is double the cash back. I also take the opportunity to try new items or foods. I have like $30 from ibotta and $15 from checkout51. And just used the 40% cash back rebate on Groupon for movie tickets which was like $4 back! I wish I could’ve combined the purchase with two other items on Groupon for more cash back but it separately swiped for the tickets. Anywho, I digress. Pingback me in your post when you share your experience so I can read it too!!


  4. I’ve just started couponing myself about 3 moths ago and it is so addicting to see your total go down! One tip that I have learned is to make breakdown before you go into the store. Know how much something cost, and write down which coupons you will use and any store discounts that will come off. I just did my biggest coupon purchase the other night, total before coupons were deducted was $62.xx and I only paid the tax of $2.97!
    Good Luck in future trips!


    • Couponing Goals!! I didn’t think about coupons for added to store discounts πŸ€”. Dually noted!

      So I have the and SmartSource apps for manufacturers coupons. Do I have to print them out (printer is broken), or can I use my phone at checkout?


      • You do have to print then out because the store has to turn then in, in order to be reimbursed. I have heard of people going to the library to print them out. And you are only allowed to print 2 coupons per device. So, say you need 4 of the same coupons, you would need to print from you computer and a phone or tablet. Some stores like CVS, target, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Publix and Kroger have digital coupons that you can load to your loyalty card and use them that way. But they will only apply to one item.

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      • You are able to use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon per purchase or per item. Say you had 4 bottles of shampoo, you could use 4 manufacturer and 4 store coupons, unless the coupon states otherwise (some are only a limit of 2 per transaction). If the coupons say something like, “$2 off of 2” then you can only use 1 coupon, whether it be a store or mfq, because that coupon covers two items. Hope this helps! I do have a blog post coming out within the next few days explaining all the lingo and definitons of couponing πŸ™‚

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  5. I’ve been using coupons for a few years now, and it is still exciting to watch that total go down! I also found you can email companies that you frequently purchase from and request samples or coupons and a lot of times they will send you stuff in the mail. I have gotten a lot of stuff this way and have discovered some new and aweaome brands too.

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