Daily Skin Care Routine

 I’ve never really been too worried about skin care because I have fairly normal skin and no allergies to threaten my skin so I didn’t feel the need to stress about it. But it dawned on me that I always did the bare minimum when it came to my skin (wash, lotion, gone). But, I have been reading up on skin care, and even though it is not the most dry or the oiliest, I should still take extra care of my skin. I’ve always looked older, so I want to take the necessary precautions so when I am older, I at least look my age, God-willing, younger. The way to do that is to establish a regimen while I’m young.  I took advantage of some coupons— what an experience that was, and grabbed a few items I’ve been wanting to try. In that, I thought about two things, a cleanser that wasn’t harsh but does the job and a good daily moisturizer.

Happy Monday & Enjoy!
The first thing I did was hop on youtube and found an easy skin test. I watched a few, but I seemed to like and recommend Skin Expert, Dr. Rashmi Shetty: How to Know Your Skin Type Test. It is tools-free and just a matter of following directions. In doing that I discovered that my T-zone (area around my nose) was oily, while everything else remained dry. It was not the dry where my face was stinging to where I felt like I needed to add Vaseline or something to my face to soothe. It was a comfortable dry, which is good. This confirmed my normal/combination skin as I guessed. I wash my face with Cetaphil: Daily Facial Cleanser. It’s mild and gentle on my face I typically use 1-2 squirts on my face and neck and rinse while in the shower. Sometimes I’ll clean clean everything else (leaving the cleanser on my face to penetrate into my pores a little more), then rinse everything at once.

As for my body wash I am using Olay: Daily Exfoliating Body Wash. I love the smell and the infused exfoliating sea salt. I also love how it leaves my skin feeling soft, that’s whether I shave or not. A lot of soaps can’t do that. It also conditions as it penetrates past my top layer of skin (hence the soft feel after).

As for moisturizing, I use St. Ive’s Vitamin E & Avocado Lotion because it leaves me ash free, skin soft and shmellin good all day! I’m also loving the fact that it includes 100% natural moisturizers.

As far as routine, I use the cleansers in the mornings as I shower, and lotion right after. I am satisfied with all of the products thus far, should anything change, I will adjust accordingly. What’s your skin care regimen? If you have any recommendations for anything I should try, please let me know in the comments! 

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