It’s 1:05 am.

Baby is asleep.

Sips sparkling wine that was under $10.00 but manages to give m a buzz because I’m a lightweight and 5% of alcohol is all I need.  (note to self: expensive doesn’t always mean better because this is hitting the spot). I am soaking in the fact that I HAVE MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR. I just realized my caps lock was on.

My mood. Melancholy. Not sad. I have been anticipating this new year all December. And it had not turned out the way I envisioned it. I expected to have my vision board with at least half of my year planned out, but instead I am sitting here crossed legged in the middle of my sectional typing whatever comes to mind, because It has been too long since I last posted. I want to be excited but honestly, Tamia has been acting out all day, I’ve been trying to get this house straightened and church did not turn out the way I expected it to to bring in my new year.

In spite of recent events, I am still motivated to jump start this new year because, I have a lot in store. God has a flame in my belly and I am burning with excitement. I have not mentioned my plans for 2017 much because if I talk about something too much, like every other plan I have managed not to carry it out. So, 2017 is in God’s hands. This may not be the most exciting post of mine, but understand, this mood will go as fast at it came. It is a new month, new year, new day! 2k17 is my year of abundance and opportunity; I claim this in Jesus’ name. 

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