Challenge Accepted!

O.K. so remember how I said that I will not be giving a traditional list of New Year’s Resolutions and will be posting them throughout the year as I tackle them? Welp, resolution #1: I need to learn to save money. 

I joined a dream catchers group on Facebook that offers tips on saving, paying off debt, credit tips and other life hacks. One in particular that caught my eye was the “Envelope Challenge”. 

How it works:


It’s 100 envelopes. Number them 1-100. Match the amount of dollars the number on each envelope (for example: envelope #1 = $1, #100 = $100). I personally thought this was great because it’s no more than 100 I’m putting away, which is doable  for me. You should’ve seen the other challenge I was going to start… no way I would’ve finished it. The good thing about this challenge is by the end of it, there should be a total of $5,050.oo saved (I can definitely use that). 


I also tailored it to my pay periods. Since I get paid biweekly, I divided 100 envelopes by 12 months and dividing by 2 paychecks each month.  That left me at about 8 envelopes a month. I started with envelopes 1-4, next check this month is mostly rent so, praying I’m able to do 5-8, if not I have all year to catch up. 

And that’s it! Now I need motivators to help me stay focused and not to spend any of it. I think I will deposit them into my daughter’s savings that I have for her. I need to see if that account builds interest… 


I even decorated the back of the enveloped with quotes to keep me inspired. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as you can see, I only had highlighters and a sharpee (laughs). Less is more to me.


If you’re interest in participating, reply with, “I accept” in the comments so we can get a discussion going. Any ideas or suggestions to stay motivated? Leave those too. 

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23 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

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  2. I accept! I am also going to try to keep some of the envelopes in my car. When I get change back I am going to work on filling an envelope. I am just going to pickrandom amounts. Also, would be good to do with “found” money. Like what you find when doing laundry. I think adding to the fun will be extra ways to fill those envelopes with money that just slips thru our fingers.

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