Life Update

Where to begin,

I am getting over being sick, I think I’ve had writer’s block, and I’ve been meditating on the fact that I have gotten nothing done this month. But that’s okay, February is here and even though I am not as motivated as can be, this is the perfect time to make moves. 

“If you continue to wait until you’re motivated to workout, than you will never get to your goals”. 

I was waiting on someone to make a workout for me and workout with me, but relying on other people to get things done obviously won’t work. And I can’t be mad at anyone but myself. 

So this month I take full responsibility for my actions (or lack there of). Also, I want to apologize for my absence as this has not been the only thing keeping me from blogging. As life happens and you adjust accordingly. As long as you come back to what you love, that’s all that matters. It feels good to be back in the WordPress community. Let’s get back to it. Stay tuned..


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