Fitness Challenge!!

Alright, January has passed and already I have been procrastinating exercising. I know how I am. I get myself so motivated to tackle goals (working out is the prime), and when it comes time to start, I don’t. So I’m thinking, maybe I need to take this slow..

I thought I’d start with a little challenge to get me motivated. One that’s short, sweet, and to the point. 

I chose the 30 Day Plank  & Squat Challenge

It may not seem like much, but these workouts tone the abs, strengthen the butt muscles, improve balance, and help to develop overall posture.  

So, From February 1st until March 2nd, I’ll be doing these fitness challenges plus incorporating stretching exercises (15 minutes) and improving my sleep habits. 

Anyone interested in participating? Let me know in the comments! Also thumbs up if you liked this post (I’m trying a little bit of everything), and don’t forget to folllow if you enjoyed any of my other posts (I love meeting people up here with mutual interests).

I think I’ll periodically post videos on my Instagram of me participating in this challenge so I definitely need motivators on this one too!

Good luck to anyone joining or starting any fitness goals, let’s keep each other motivated. We got this!!

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