Where Have I Been?! 

img_3945Hi everyone,

 I’ve been putting thought into the direction of my blogging. The appearance I’ve been gradually working on now that I know a little more now than I did when I started. I used to just shoot out posts via phone but once I started blogging on the laptop, I realized I can edit more. So I have not been posting via phone. I don’t want to just put out anything. It bothers me knowing I like my posts a certain way now.

Now I am posting this via phone because I’ve been borrowing a laptop and have not been able to get on it since my my last post. I have one but the screen is broken. I will be fixing it once I get my tax refund (whenever that is). Should be within the next week. 

Update on the fitness challenge 

I was doing great ! Until the squats went into the 100s. And then I just stopped (laughs). I’m going to apologize in advance if anyone was doing it with me. I am going to start another challenge but this time I will have before and after shots. I would usually beat myself up but I do that enough. I think I was ashamed to come up here and tell you all I never finished the challenge.

Few days later…

Got my taxes back, catching up on bills, trying to move, and looking for a place to fix my computer screen. Lately I’ve been frustrated.. this calls for a personal post.

Stay tuned 



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