God Has Brought Me Back to My Calling

Here’s that personal post I told you to stay tuned for.

This will be in no particular order; I’m just going to empty my mind..


I want to act so much. I have had this feeling that I’ve had once in every blue moon since I seen spy kids for the first time and every movie or show after that that I could see myself in. My eyes get big and wide and I am completely engaged in the art of the Actor/Actress who brings that said character to life. I am invested, I am whole. I feel… completely at peace. I see myself auditioning, coming to work at 6 am, and leaving at 6 pm most days, unless we run over, and that’s okay, because I am completely invested. But I am a mom, my daughter needs me. She’s old enough to come on set and watch me work after school. We’ll talk on my break about school, and she can do her homework in my dressing room, I’ll check it on my next break, if I can’t make it home to tuck her in, I can FaceTime her, God willing we have a tight bond like that. Maybe she’ll want to follow in my footsteps and pursue a career in the arts. That’d be great but if not, that’s okay, I support whatever she wants to do, as long as she isn’t trickin’ in these streets.. any who I digress..

I see myself rehearsing my lines, taking improv classes, meeting with fellow actors, sharing tips and tricks, traveling..

But let’s pause a minute..

I’m a mom, with a job working 40 hours a week, and I have to enroll for summer classes before my student loans hit repayment status. Do I even want to go to school? Maybe I can sign up for an  acting class! but the times don’t fit my work schedule, Should I change jobs again? Find another job that allows me to set my own hours as long as I work 40 each week? That’s a steady flow of income but who really does that besides uber/lyft? I hear some people drive for both.. but am I really comfortable with a full-time odd job? Is the work consistent?


You have reminded me of my calling, I am excited, I am motivated, besides giving birth, I haven’t felt this excited about anything in a long time. Your word says  “I can do all things through Christ [you] who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). So I stand on your word and give you all of my trust. You’ve never led me astray. I pray you protect my relationships, as in this line of work they can diminish, as I want to be the very best Actress I can be. I am so excited for your plans for me and this journey. I will start off small and try my best to go where you lead me. I leave this with you in Jesus’ name, 


4 thoughts on “God Has Brought Me Back to My Calling

  1. Oh God, I love this Taureenia. I almost started crying. Thank you for sharing the calling of your heart. Love to you each step of the way. ~Debbie ps – so good to reconnect with you. Tomorrow is my birthday and you gave me a gift just by visiting my blog post. 🙂

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    • Awe thank you so much Debbie! Happy birthday to you as I will be asleep by midnight 😊 enjoy your day! Like wise I always have to visit your site every now and again your words help me through a lot! You’re latest post has added fuel to my flame! It is confirmation I’m on the right track!

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  2. It’s always so hard to figure out how to do what we really want to! I put in my notice at my job so that I can prepare to sail around the world even though my online stores and other things aren’t profiting yet. STEPPING OUT ON FAITH. Scary, but it has to be done sometimes.
    I hope that you find the balance that you need to figure out how to live your calling.
    You’ve been following my blog practically since it started last year so I would like to know how we can co travel more effectively on this life journey. Please check out this link and give me your feedback. Maybe I can help you soon.

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