Walgreen’s Run (Couponing 101)

I love shopping at Walgreen’s (when I have coupons—laughs). So this came out to be a shopping trip I made last month. I really appreciated my first couponing trip. Remember that tip, using emergency runs for couponing activities? It came in handy this time around.

See, we had a rough March. On top of the normal routine, Tamia and I decided to get sick. Laundry piled up (which sucked because we go to the laundry mat) and on top of that, I ran out of personal items. But I had a choice, I could’ve just not done anything and wallowed in my sick juices, or I could’ve chose to get up and get this stuff out of the way.

Which is what I did— the sooner I get done, the sooner I can get back in bed. Welp, I ran out for some detergent, soap and medicine (we were out of all of those things) and come to find out, Walgreen’s had a few in-store deals *devilish grin*. Did I mention that I use ibotta & checkout 51 for rebates? Well, I do. Here’s what happened:

Checkout 51: I received $1.20 cash back on the halls which I believe were 2 for $4 in Walgreen’s at the time. I have over $20 from cash back accumulated.

Ibotta: I received $2 cash back on the St. Ive’s products which were about $6 for both. I have earned over $40 in cash back using this app.

I’ve learned to incorporate these apps in my shopping experience. A lot of rebates not only on things I already by, but other products I’d like to try. There are even rebates on alcoholic beverages: I found this red wine from Olive Garden in Walmart that I’ve been looking for for years. This was while trying to find a bottle of wine that was eligible for a rebate.

The good thing about Walgreen’s is I believe based on your shopping history when using your rewards card, you will receive coupons for future purchases on the next visit (as pictured above).

Overall, I am quite happy with my shopping experience this time around. I was in control, and I did not overspend. I think I still ended up spending $25 bucks but its better than a regular trip. I could blow out $40 easy. I’m still not as advanced in the couponing, but I’m ok with taking my time as I can easily get overwhelmed. Any suggestions for next time? Let me know!

P.S.: Sign up with ibotta using my referral code below and start with $10!!



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