Vision Board: Long Term Goals

Here it is!! So I’ll just say, I originally made this vision board in February. With everything going on, I had no motivation (or lack there of) to post anything. Now that I am back into the swing of things, I am giving you guys an update on things that I have done during the first quarter of 2017, one being a many project for my vision board. 

This is one of many vision boards for me, but my next vision board— I’d like to incorporate into my new place (Oop! Spoiler alert! Stay Tuned…). 

This vision board I kind of drew inspiration from personal struggles and the problems of society. But overall long term goals (financial, emotional, physical, mental) are what you can see depicted below in the slide show I have whipped up.

As I was constructing this vision board, so much motivation lit a flame inside of me. It hangs in my room and puts that much more umph to my tri— get it? Tri-Umph? … Sorry I know, any who, If you have a vision board post, I’d like to see it I need inspiration for the next one and will be sure to tag you in it! Post your link in the comments for me as well as others to see!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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