This is my world, my love, my one and only baby girl, Tamia Olivia. When I say she has been nothing but a blessing… I mean just that. Ever since I discovered her existence, God has done nothing but ensure things have worked in our favor.

I found out Wednesday, January 28th of this year that my pregnancy test was positive and that I was about 9 weeks. After taking two at-homes, I knew something wasn’t right and I needed a second opinion..

I cried.. For about 5 minutes. The first person I thought of was my mom. I being 21, I still felt like a baby myself. We had just got our very own place by ourselves, and together. Not knowing each other but only 6 months, we were both ready for this new challenge. I knew what I was doing, and she was on the way.. So what do I do? I don’t believe in adoption & I didn’t have it in me to terminate this blessing. I allowed my last year to shed, and I said with a deep breath out, “Okay, I did it. So what’s next?..


We planned, and made the announcement the May 15th, the day we found out she was in fact… She.

Saturday, August 15th was the day we held the baby shower. So much love, so much support! Friends we hadn’t seen in years & relatives from a longs way came to send their blessings as well. And in fact, we got everything we needed…

One month, two days later  (September 17th) I was rushed to the hospital from work after my mucus plug passes (didn’t know that’s what it was at the time lol). And doc calls it an hour into getting to the ER.

After many contractions, & an perfectly performed epidural (after 8cm dilated), and 8 short hours later, we welcomed baby Tamia into the world! Well, she kind of welcomed herself (she was crowning when doc went to look at my progress—obviously fully dilated by that time. Mind you the last time I seen him was at 5:30pm the previous day). He said she was the easiest delivery with two pushes. Now two months later, she is progressing nicely. I owe it all to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Everything I asked for with this child I have gotten. And patiently awaiting for the next blessing.

I am looking forward to seeing her grow and blossom into a beautiful young lady. This page is dedicated to her, and all the first times mommies and mommies to be out there like myself who are learning as they go. I’ll be sharing her growth with monthly updates every month.

We’re soarin’. Flyin’,

There’s not a star in Heaven

That we can’t reach.

-High School Musical



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