Baby Update

The last update was when Tamia was her first birthday. She will be two this September. I don’t know what happened looked up and now she’s chasing after me! Man oh man..

Talking /Learning

I think she started singing before she started talking. Her dad keeps saying she’s gonna be a singer. Her favorite songs are itsy bitsy spider, ABC’s (which she is starting to make those ee uu beee sounds — t u v, ess— x).  She also likes twinkle twinkle little star (which I found out was the same melody as the ABC song—children open your eyes to things you never noticed) and Wheels on the Bus. She learned Ring Around the Rosey in daycare. You should have seen my face when I noticed her singing it for the first time.

On top of singing, her vocabulary is expanding. Hot, cold (and the right times to use them), up, lamp (or amp), dada, and MAMA (smiles). Why does mama take the longest for babies to say? I mean, I did carry you and birth you. But it’s cool it was worth the wait. I just light up every time I hear it. She is still using sign language (my grandma got her started) for eat, bath, more, and cup, trying to get her to say those words but I won’t rush. It will come.

We stopped reading to her because it was just ripping the pages in the books. So instead, we found the television of course caught her interest. Little Baby Bum and Baby Einstein are her favorite shows. She sings a long, dances with and gets help with pronouncing her words from LBB while Little Einstein assisted with the sign language. These shows definitely helped with us teaching her. We also try to incorporate our surroundings for recognition. She also likes Pocoyo and was watching Sophia the First (I think this one is more for me as it doesn’t quite grab her attention yet).

Her dad does a great job at helping her to count on her fingers. She is also starting to form those words verbally (fieee—five, teee—three). She also got this reinforcement in daycare.

Nightime/ Breastfeeding

So if you can recall around this time last yer, I had trouble getting Tamia to sleep through the night. Well as of 2017, something had to turn around. I found myself irritable and confused. At this time, I was just about fed up with breastfeeding because the night time feeding were still happening. Having to roll over four to five times a night to soothe her and put her back to sleep (yes I was and still am co-sleeping) and at this point I was gradually weaning and got up to night time feeding only. Her dad finally stepped in. Thankful that he stepped up and took over for me because—I didn’t have this situation at all). He would come home from work. wake me up to go downstairs on the couch to sleep while he slept with her. There were days he would put her to sleep (how hard that must’ve been for him) and she’d be screaming for a while. I had to put in my earphones to contain myself from going upstairs. He was patient (thankful that he has so much of it—because I didn’t). I caved and went upstairs twice out of that  process. I’d say it took about a week for him to sleep train her (without my interruptions) after we got through the kinks, and noticing I was not night feeding so that allowed me to fully wean her. It’s funny how that worked out.

She is a light sleeper, so when I get up, she will eventually get up to find me. But for the most part, she sleeps through the night! She takes at least two naps a day (fighting that second one).

Potty Training

I was on my hands and knees praying for a child with her own mind. A leader. Who knows what she wants. Be careful what you ask for (laughs) but in this case this is a good thing! We started trying to potty train Tamia in December (15 months). That was a no-go. Not only did she wait until she got off the potty to pee on the floor, but I personally wasn’t committing enough time to teaching her. I always took her with me when I went, and still do—or she’ll follow me anyway. But while she was in daycare, she was benefiting as well. Because we stopped daycare and was in the process of moving, we decided to stop the process until after we were settled in the new place because we didn’t know how the environment change would affect everything. On the contrary to what I expected to happen, she immediately started going on her own when we moved into the new place! She signs to us when she has to go, we open the door and remove her diaper (yes she is sill in diapers, but will be incorporating pull-ups soon), will do her business and go on her way. She has had one bowel movement in the potty since we’ve moved in (it’s been a month now) and she actually had an accident on the floor after bath time (accidents are to be expected). But for the most part, she is doing well. We are only training during the day time at the moment. Not sure when we’ll start the night-time. Pull-ups first, then night-time. Baby steps. But I learned that I have a child that does things on her own time so I can’t really put her on a schedule. She definitely lets me know when she needs something…


Speaking of which, she definitely lets us know when she’s hungry. She still loves her water and juice (still iffy on the milk but loves yogurt). She devours fruit but spits out her veggies (will definitely be bringing this to the docs attention come the next visit). She loves potatoes (fried, baked, mashed). She is indeed a picky eater if you haven’t guessed. I made a spring frittata with bacon, cheese, zucchini and squash for breakfast last weekend (recipe coming soon), but she only ate the bites with bacon in it (rolls eyes). I thought being these veggies were soft, they’d blend in with the egg, but nothing gets past this child (again, I prayed day and night for a smart child—and that’s exactly what I got).

I learn something new as I fall in love with this girl every single day  I am with her. I love her strong, loving personality. She is the best company I’ve had along my journey. Together we will conquer the world.

Small to You, Big to Me.


One month ago, I recited the first half of this poem to my entire job site— it’s at least 1600 of us. 

Understand how nervous I was..

We were originally given until this month to be ready for this, we were told a week in advanced and wasn’t made aware we had to perform it until two days prior. Now neither of us being poets, idk how we got ourselves into this. Actually I do; see my job is split up into three major teams, each major team has about 5 sub-teams. Each major team has to host a floor meeting (entire site) to bring in the month with our new site goals. It’s kind of like a pep rally. Being that we just started doing this in January, the first two teams did a rap. We were tired of those so we decided that we’d be a little different. We did a Showtime at the Apollo edition!

Now Ashley, my teammate suggested someone do a spoken word, now idk how, but one of our managers won’t playing around so she said cool, Ashley is doing spoken word.. wait what? So she wasn’t up there alone, I said I’d play bongos in the background. We had one of our managers bring back Sandman, we had a member of the team dressed as Kiki Shepard, and my teammate portrayed Steve Harvey (laughs). We dropped the bongos, and just split up the spoken word. Of course, Ashley picked the second half so I agreed to do the first half. I was never the one to be chosen as lead in anything, but I said to myself if I’m going to take this acting thing seriously, I gotta start somewhere. 

Here is where the BGs came into play, the time came to get ready and everyone performing gathered, we were all talking about how nervous we were, win the Apollo theme music queued, and as we started getting each other hype in line, I smacked a coworkers butt… like the basketball teammate. I was so embarrassed and apologized so many times (we were still in the workplace).

I was like omg, Ima get fired, forget this poem. But after reassuring me it was okay and not to worry. I looked up and it was time for us to go on. Somehow, we got stage names of Afro Centric (me) and Spiritual Flower or something (Ashley—laughs). Steve Harvey asked some interview questions and ..

I sent a shout out to my team and manager who was out on an injury for a xouple of months and just went for it. 

It was kind of a blur, I heard some laughs (nailed it)

Some snaps (they’re diggin it)

Then just like that it was Ashley’s turn.

We closed the poem together.. and a whole lot of hooplah

Cheers!! Clapping!! What? You really liked me?! My biggest fear, what had shied me away from acting in the first place, had been overcome. Not only had I overcome stage fright, but I had opened the performance, and was able to put myself in the shoes of the character.. because I am no poet. This was a big accomplishment for me. I even did a little improv, I didn’t read the poem word for word. I made it my own. And I loved every second of it. 

Following that performance (which  was about two minutes in length), I was getting compliments from people who I worked with in the site who I only seen in passing. The acknowledgement was truly humbling and rewarding. I originally performed this March 16th, and I am still being complimented on this performance. It was small, very small, but the significance behind it, gives me the confidence and the confirmation to believe in God to continue this journey, I am thankful to myself for trusting God to take a step out on my own understanding and failures of my past to give this another try. I know I will not always have good days and people won’t always respond to my performances as well as they did this one. But as long as I believe in my work, that is reason enough to keep moving forward and never be shied away from my calling again. Next step, I need to desperately find some local classes in my area and make time for them!

Ps: I hope you enjoy this anecdote: I don’t have any pictures from the show because everything is confidential at my job (sorry)

The Dialer Blues

Wake up in the morning rushing to not be late

Because you remember tyvann saying ash and Taureenia you have Dialer at eight

Walk on the floor and you can hear a manager saying the money is here

While logging in the phone and hearing

Welcome to avaya scream loud in your ear 

Ready to make big money and go on with your day

 But Answering machines wrong numbers seems like Dialer just not going your way

Feeling like you’re getting close but your no where near

While you can hear Wall Street and capital hill cheer

You trying to represent for the unit the best team here

But Dialer will have you feeling like press your luck

In your head Screaming no whammy no whammy big bucks big bucks 

Finally someone comes on the line ready to pay it all and you see 

It’s in someone else flipping responsibility 

If you can relate then you know this feeling isn’t new

And you know why I call this poem the Dialer blues 

-Ashley Kilpatrick 

Vision Board: Long Term Goals

Here it is!! So I’ll just say, I originally made this vision board in February. With everything going on, I had no motivation (or lack there of) to post anything. Now that I am back into the swing of things, I am giving you guys an update on things that I have done during the first quarter of 2017, one being a many project for my vision board. 

This is one of many vision boards for me, but my next vision board— I’d like to incorporate into my new place (Oop! Spoiler alert! Stay Tuned…). 

This vision board I kind of drew inspiration from personal struggles and the problems of society. But overall long term goals (financial, emotional, physical, mental) are what you can see depicted below in the slide show I have whipped up.

As I was constructing this vision board, so much motivation lit a flame inside of me. It hangs in my room and puts that much more umph to my tri— get it? Tri-Umph? … Sorry I know, any who, If you have a vision board post, I’d like to see it I need inspiration for the next one and will be sure to tag you in it! Post your link in the comments for me as well as others to see!

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Walgreen’s Run (Couponing 101)

I love shopping at Walgreen’s (when I have coupons—laughs). So this came out to be a shopping trip I made last month. I really appreciated my first couponing trip. Remember that tip, using emergency runs for couponing activities? It came in handy this time around.

See, we had a rough March. On top of the normal routine, Tamia and I decided to get sick. Laundry piled up (which sucked because we go to the laundry mat) and on top of that, I ran out of personal items. But I had a choice, I could’ve just not done anything and wallowed in my sick juices, or I could’ve chose to get up and get this stuff out of the way.

Which is what I did— the sooner I get done, the sooner I can get back in bed. Welp, I ran out for some detergent, soap and medicine (we were out of all of those things) and come to find out, Walgreen’s had a few in-store deals *devilish grin*. Did I mention that I use ibotta & checkout 51 for rebates? Well, I do. Here’s what happened:

Checkout 51: I received $1.20 cash back on the halls which I believe were 2 for $4 in Walgreen’s at the time. I have over $20 from cash back accumulated.

Ibotta: I received $2 cash back on the St. Ive’s products which were about $6 for both. I have earned over $40 in cash back using this app.

I’ve learned to incorporate these apps in my shopping experience. A lot of rebates not only on things I already by, but other products I’d like to try. There are even rebates on alcoholic beverages: I found this red wine from Olive Garden in Walmart that I’ve been looking for for years. This was while trying to find a bottle of wine that was eligible for a rebate.

The good thing about Walgreen’s is I believe based on your shopping history when using your rewards card, you will receive coupons for future purchases on the next visit (as pictured above).

Overall, I am quite happy with my shopping experience this time around. I was in control, and I did not overspend. I think I still ended up spending $25 bucks but its better than a regular trip. I could blow out $40 easy. I’m still not as advanced in the couponing, but I’m ok with taking my time as I can easily get overwhelmed. Any suggestions for next time? Let me know!

P.S.: Sign up with ibotta using my referral code below and start with $10!!



Tips For Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

The truth is, I got into a rut. Since the beginning of the year, I was so overwhelmed with my responsibilities and on top of that I had some ideas I just needed to get out but couldn’t seem to get down on paper, I got backed up to the point where I let it get the best of me. But thankfully, I am in my right mind, I have made my routine comeback. The good thing about this time period was I was able to observe and analyze my bad habits and single them out, allowing me to work through them. In this process I had to make a conscious decision to make a significant lifestyle change. Here are some major ways I find I get myself out of a rut (some old, some new):

  1. Just “lean into it”: You’re in A Rut, okay. Let it happen. I have one Friday off during the week once a month. Yesterday (March 31st) was my day off. I had been looking forward to this day because now that my daughter had daycare. It was literally the only day this month I had to myself. The first thing I did was allow myself the first few hours of the morning to just allow myself to feel every motion I was feeling during that month. I recently seen youtuber, Kalynn Nicholson’s tips on getting out of a rut. She recommended no more than an hour (that’s 4% of your day) to just linger in it. Anymore time is wasted time to be moving forward.
  2. When it is time, move! There is always a point in being lazy that you come to that realization that you could be doing something productive. Yesterday I was able to identify this laziness. In the process I caught myself finding reasons not to get up and move and found myself approaching a mind battle of tug of war. One side telling myself to get up, the other saying I don’t feel like it and I’m so tired. At that point I was able to remove myself from the middle and see an aerial view of this happening. It was almost like a lucid dream where you see yourself doing things from the sidelines. In that instant I just jumped up. I looked around at the first thing I knew needed to be done and just fixed it. Yesterday I jumped out of my bed and just looked around at my messy room. I didn’t think twice I just immediately started putting things in place. In about three minutes time I looked around and was immediately less stressed.
  3. Utilize notes app for random thoughts: when I’m on the go and something sparks an interest or reminds me of something I for got to do, I write it in my notes app (iPhone users).
  4. Delete Social Media Apps for a little while: I do this a lot. When I find myself being possessed over Facebook or instagram, I always have a thought that creeps up and says, “I could be doing this or that right now.” Usually when I get on social media, I can never stay off so when I finally come out of it, I immediately delete the app from my phone. It doesn’t erase my data, all I have to do is log back in after I reinstall it. In doing this, I find I get more done from not being distracted with my phone. When I am in auto mode and try to go back on Facebook, not having it available reminds me of what I should be doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Social media as it can be inspiring but it is also a big distraction. Try it.
  5. De-clutter your space: This is a continuance from tip #2. Look around… if you’re in clutter, don’t think twice. Don’t even allow yourself to talk yourself out of it. Just jump up and do it. I was to the last straw, not understanding why my mind was so cluttered, and I just looked around the space I was sitting in. I immediately caught a attitude. I hate allowing my environment to take control of my emotions. Three minutes resulted in a clean room, and an instant change of attitude, for the better. Once I was up, I wanted to get more things done… so I treated myself to a much needed spa day.

These are some tips that after observing myself the first quarter of the year, I use to get myself out of a rut. What do you do? What do you suggest? Comment below and like if this helped you!

Until next time,


God Has Brought Me Back to My Calling

Here’s that personal post I told you to stay tuned for.

This will be in no particular order; I’m just going to empty my mind..


I want to act so much. I have had this feeling that I’ve had once in every blue moon since I seen spy kids for the first time and every movie or show after that that I could see myself in. My eyes get big and wide and I am completely engaged in the art of the Actor/Actress who brings that said character to life. I am invested, I am whole. I feel… completely at peace. I see myself auditioning, coming to work at 6 am, and leaving at 6 pm most days, unless we run over, and that’s okay, because I am completely invested. But I am a mom, my daughter needs me. She’s old enough to come on set and watch me work after school. We’ll talk on my break about school, and she can do her homework in my dressing room, I’ll check it on my next break, if I can’t make it home to tuck her in, I can FaceTime her, God willing we have a tight bond like that. Maybe she’ll want to follow in my footsteps and pursue a career in the arts. That’d be great but if not, that’s okay, I support whatever she wants to do, as long as she isn’t trickin’ in these streets.. any who I digress..

I see myself rehearsing my lines, taking improv classes, meeting with fellow actors, sharing tips and tricks, traveling..

But let’s pause a minute..

I’m a mom, with a job working 40 hours a week, and I have to enroll for summer classes before my student loans hit repayment status. Do I even want to go to school? Maybe I can sign up for an  acting class! but the times don’t fit my work schedule, Should I change jobs again? Find another job that allows me to set my own hours as long as I work 40 each week? That’s a steady flow of income but who really does that besides uber/lyft? I hear some people drive for both.. but am I really comfortable with a full-time odd job? Is the work consistent?


You have reminded me of my calling, I am excited, I am motivated, besides giving birth, I haven’t felt this excited about anything in a long time. Your word says  “I can do all things through Christ [you] who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). So I stand on your word and give you all of my trust. You’ve never led me astray. I pray you protect my relationships, as in this line of work they can diminish, as I want to be the very best Actress I can be. I am so excited for your plans for me and this journey. I will start off small and try my best to go where you lead me. I leave this with you in Jesus’ name, 


Where Have I Been?! 

img_3945Hi everyone,

 I’ve been putting thought into the direction of my blogging. The appearance I’ve been gradually working on now that I know a little more now than I did when I started. I used to just shoot out posts via phone but once I started blogging on the laptop, I realized I can edit more. So I have not been posting via phone. I don’t want to just put out anything. It bothers me knowing I like my posts a certain way now.

Now I am posting this via phone because I’ve been borrowing a laptop and have not been able to get on it since my my last post. I have one but the screen is broken. I will be fixing it once I get my tax refund (whenever that is). Should be within the next week. 

Update on the fitness challenge 

I was doing great ! Until the squats went into the 100s. And then I just stopped (laughs). I’m going to apologize in advance if anyone was doing it with me. I am going to start another challenge but this time I will have before and after shots. I would usually beat myself up but I do that enough. I think I was ashamed to come up here and tell you all I never finished the challenge.

Few days later…

Got my taxes back, catching up on bills, trying to move, and looking for a place to fix my computer screen. Lately I’ve been frustrated.. this calls for a personal post.

Stay tuned