Challenge Accepted!

O.K. so remember how I said that I will not be giving a traditional list of New Year’s Resolutions and will be posting them throughout the year as I tackle them? Welp, resolution #1: I need to learn to save money. 

I joined a dream catchers group on Facebook that offers tips on saving, paying off debt, credit tips and other life hacks. One in particular that caught my eye was the “Envelope Challenge”. 

How it works:


It’s 100 envelopes. Number them 1-100. Match the amount of dollars the number on each envelope (for example: envelope #1 = $1, #100 = $100). I personally thought this was great because it’s no more than 100 I’m putting away, which is doable  for me. You should’ve seen the other challenge I was going to start… no way I would’ve finished it. The good thing about this challenge is by the end of it, there should be a total of $5,050.oo saved (I can definitely use that). 


I also tailored it to my pay periods. Since I get paid biweekly, I divided 100 envelopes by 12 months and dividing by 2 paychecks each month.  That left me at about 8 envelopes a month. I started with envelopes 1-4, next check this month is mostly rent so, praying I’m able to do 5-8, if not I have all year to catch up. 

And that’s it! Now I need motivators to help me stay focused and not to spend any of it. I think I will deposit them into my daughter’s savings that I have for her. I need to see if that account builds interest… 


I even decorated the back of the enveloped with quotes to keep me inspired. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as you can see, I only had highlighters and a sharpee (laughs). Less is more to me.


If you’re interest in participating, reply with, “I accept” in the comments so we can get a discussion going. Any ideas or suggestions to stay motivated? Leave those too. 

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No Seeds of Doubt Will Be Sown, Not This Time.

As I was reading through content discovering new bloggers, I stumbled across a post I found to stopped me in my tracks: method acting can be used to boost my confidence.

The author of this article explains that before taking on a role, the actor studies [thoroughly] that particular character and asks readers exactly how much time we spend studying the character we play in our own lives? I immediately thought, there is nothing to study, I was raised this way, but this new train of thought in me begged to differ. I was reminded when the author of this eye opening article said while yes, we are influenced by our environment (parents, peers, etc.) as children, When we are adults, they immediately stop, well, most do and really its more like the commands stop and the suggestions roll in. I could not help but to agree.

Immediately after I turned 18, I became an adult. My mom switched up so fast. At first I was afraid, and felt like a magnet. I thought I needed her advice, her input, and her blessings. I did still feel this way up until I moved out. Someone who I am very thankful to have in my life constantly till this day opened my eyes to this. I went from feeling paralyzed in a certain mentality to “I’m every woman, it’s all in me” by Whitney Houston state-of-mind.

As I reflect, I have come to realize how much I have allowed my environment to influence my internal perception of me. While some things I am learning to overcome day-by-day, others I still internalize.

Growing up, I spent my entire life earning the approval of others— people pleasing. And for that reason I haven’t found much enjoyment in my life. Overthinking and rationalizing why I can’t pursue the things I really want in my life. Always wondering how I am perceived when I say or do certain things. Constantly comparing myself to other women and downplaying my attributes. This is one of the worst ways to be. It wasn’t until the end of my junior year in high school that I started to break out of this mentality. I was becoming a senior, and unlike the previous three years, I was the head and not the tail. It was freeing. I think in adolescence, status quo is a powerful thing. Senior year, everyone was preparing for adulthood. College, job training, whatever that next step in life was, everything else didn’t matter.


“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭1:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

I knew what I wanted and was determined to get it. Senior year kind of opened my eyes. Things don’t always pan out the way you imagine them to be. This feeling, I know all to well. Degree first, married next, then babies.. I’m starting to think I had this backwards.

To be continued..


First Time Couponing!!

Money is tight, and has been for a while. And ever since I came across a girl who came into my line (I was a cashier at Kmart) who paid nothing but tax after an $80.00+ transaction, I refuse to pay full price if I can help it! Shoot, I love saving money, who doesnt? So I finally decided to try it. I started a couponing book, and finished my first attempt to coupon.

In the end, I saved about $8.00. Which is perfectly fine, seeing my grand total decrease made my heart skip a beat (laughs), but I was expecting to pay maybe $20 dollars, not $75. But I give myself the benefit of the doubt. One, I was in Walgreens. Well, let’s get into my list of things I learned:

  1. Starting at one store actually kept me from becoming overwhelmed. Clipping the coupons alone stressed me out. For my first store, I picked Walgreens.
  2. I went online, read the disclosures. I also utilized my Walgreens card that earned me a couple of bucks to use on my next  visit as well as more coupons on related products!
  3. I only clipped coupons for items I know I needed. I just happened to need a lot, and as I learn more about the couponing game, hopefully I get to a point where I’m only paying the tax. Initially, i began to pick up anything and found my tab growing. I found that in sticking to the list, I saved myself more money and stress.

Well not bad for my first trip, and it was quite fun. Any comments or suggestions? Let me know!


The only disability in life, is a bad attitude.

-Scott Hamilton

After a career change, this quote rings in my mind. In my last post, I said that I was taking a risk at accepting my new job. It was the one field that I that I was scared of pursuing because of its reputation but the company which I work for contradicts the status quo. I leaned on my own understanding instead of God to guide my footsteps. Now that I have let go and let God, doors I have been waiting to open are open before I get to them.

My point is, it was my attitude, that had to change about the field of work. While I don’t plan to make a career out of this, it is an ends to a means. My outlook on how I was to achieve my goals was so close minded that I didn’t realize that God was using those obstacles to help me in the ways that I wanted as well as needed.

In my field of work, I am still speaking to customers, but in a way that is out of my element. It involves personal information and getting all in their business, which I don’t like for others to do to me but what I had to realize was the difference between the two was I was asking for reasons to help them versus to be mosey and gossip or make them feel embarrassed. It is still something that I struggle with, but everyday I go there. I challenge myself to break past that barrier, and it has been working.

I was apart of a training class and discovered in our reports that I am performing the best. It is more about a paycheck for me. This field actually goes hand in hand with my passion to help people do what they need to do to get to where they need to be. If you struggle with your attitude, I challenge you to break that barrier. You may find that to be what is standing in your way of greatness.

Until Next Time,






has two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

The choice is yours.

I quit my job to accept another in a field which I was scared away from for a long time. Even though I have been offered many other jobs related to the same environment as my new job, something told me not to take them. Sad to leave a job I just started a few months ago, I said to God that I was tired of changing jobs. The next job has to be the one to help me get to where I need to be. I started yesterday and already feel at home. I know, I know, slow my role right? I am still feeling it out. But there is so much motivation around me, and support, and just an overall good environment so far. I have an amazing trainer, with cool classmates, and I even met my reporting manager (as I will have many but He is my main go-see). I even got my permanent schedule early which seems great! I asked God for Sundays (for church) or Thursdays (for bible study) off.One or the other, because I am committing to attend one of the other every week. God made it so I never work Sunday’s and Thursday’s I am off in time to make it to church. Won’t he do it? Praise! Any who, my purpose for choosing this quote, because I know that God has a higher purpose for me. Anything that he puts in front of me I can do through him who strengthens me. Yes, this job will be demanding, and sometimes very stressful, but it is definitely worth the life experience and I am helping people get their lives back on track. I have to remember,  that and God has me here for a purpose. Instead of playing it safe like I usually do, I take things as the come, knocking down every wall as I run into them. One day at a time.

Until Next Time,


Blogtober|Day Nineteen: A Message to a Dreamer..

 There is apost I encourage you to read. This post personally spoke to me because I know that I am aware of being at a crossroads on my journey to pursuing my dreams. I am fully aware of what I should be doing at all times… even if I allow myself to be distracted for a moment. I am constantly saying to myself, 

“You could be doing [this] right now”… 


“I could’ve taken care of [that]…”

But everyday, God blesses me with another day. Everyday, I am thankful for another opportunity to do what I’ve should have done the day before. This past year I’ve learned that, I wasted more time, pondering my losses and worrying than taking that same time and doing something about it.

Stumbling across this post by Jay at this time in my life is no coincidence. But merely, God’s confirmation that my conscious has identified with the Holy Spirit. Indeed, he lives in me. I challenge you to dream, and the next time you get that urge to do something that will influence pursuing that dream, stop what you are doing, and follow it. You won’t regret the rewarding feeling..

The Dream Won’t Chase Me

At this moment, 

I declare my goals achieved. 

I speak them into existence.

As long as I’m blessed with another day,

No one or thing, will ever stop me again.

Everyday, I will wake up with purpose. 

Not just a purpose. With purpose. 

A purpose will eventually discourage me.

That’s not enough to fuel my flame. 

There are so many reasons not to,

But I find comfort in those reasons to do.

No more excuses, no more doubts.

One… two.. three. 

It’s time to jump.

3 Study Tips to ensure a Successful Semester


I went through a lot last week. After almost losing my job and injuring myself (wasn’t doing anything strenuous, just bending down for the wipes to change baby’s diaper), I needed some time to hurt and to process what was going on. Now that has came and gone, and on top of that, being into my first week of classes , I realized I literally have nothing to lose..

This dance, I’ve been doing has got to end.

I have re-enrolled in a class that I have failed last semester from being burnt out and tending to the baby even though I had extra help to tend to my studies— I’m a mom, what can I say?) Looking back on it, the class is actually easy, just a lot of work. But I guess I understand, it’s online. They have to make it challenging some how, right? I enrolled with the same instructor, and noticed that she has put all of the assignments for the semester online, open to submission. 


Some instructors will have no problem posting the work in advance, some may have their own lives to juggle and just won’t have time. They therefore utilize the followed schedule to post assignments as each week approaches. It doesn’t hurt to ask! The worst they can say is no, but if you’re like me you may want to get some or all of the work completed and just be done with it. You do your best to create a schedule, but lets be real, with a little one crawling around, there is no guarantee, babysitters cancel, there could be a schedule change at work, and the like. Which brings us to 


This is a holy grail task for me! I have always been forward-thinking and I’ve always pushed to be ahead of the game. This tactic never fails me. If you really want to beat time, I set my assignments to be due a day or two from the actual due date. That way if I look back and panic (BECAUSE I AM A PROCRASTINATOR), I’ll rush to get it done only to see at the assignment drop off page it wasn’t due for another day or two. That way my work is on time! I love that most of my classes give me the first week to study the syllabi and get acquainted with Bb. I use this time to get a head start on my assignments for the semester.


I have found that when I focus my time on the heavily weighted assignments, I find my grade doesn’t suffer too much..

This sounds a little unsure. Let me explain: 

See if you read your syllabus, (flash tip: KNOW YOUR SYLLABI!) the instructor usually itemizes each type of assignment you’ll get in the class and next to it is a weighted percentage of its overall worth. It’ll look like this:

Tests 40%

Quizzes 25%

Chapter Summary 25%

Virtual Field Trips 10%

This is a perfect example of prioritizing your assignments from most to least importance. Moms, we have children, we have jobs, and things happen. Let’s say worst case scenario, we haven’t worked on anything all week. It’s the weekend and we look up and realize we have assignments do!we begin to panic begin to rationalize our assignments.. 

So which one of these assignments am I not doing?

Field trips are only 10% of the over all percentage so if we missed one field trip while focusing all of the remaining time we have on the assignments that will keep our grade afloat (tests are a few times given so let’s say quizzes which are on average with every chapter and summaries which are reoccurring) quizzes and summaries are 50% of our overall grade alone! Focusing on that, next week is a new week, brush it off and keep going.

I’ll leave with this:

Understand as moms, everything is trial and error, sometimes we get discouraged but it’s the superwoman in us that continue to keep on keepin on! I hope these tips helped and if you liked them, let me know! If you think of any other tips that helped you, I can use as much help as the next mommy! 

Have a Productive Semester!

Until Next Time,



A couple of nights ago, I dreamt of someone I knew assuring me the time was/is now. To do it, go for it!

I strongly believe God was speaking to me through that person. I still can’t  place face to that person but i think that was the point. I believe that is how I am certain it was God giving me a message  for who can place face to him? Who has seen him other than Jesus himself? But I  know I am fond of the vessel He used and have endearing respect for them. I felt spiritually connected.

I know it was God. We were sitting across from each other and the vessels hands were balled up and planted firm on the table. Its’ posture was assuring and upright. As if she was of a righteous background. When I had awakened, I knew exactly what I needed to do..

I’m here to tell you if you been feeling like I have but just haven’t been sure if it was the right time or even how to start, the time is now. Get started. Even if it is just planning, get to work! 

God bless you guys. Until Next Time,