Blogtober|Day Four: Why Am I Doing This Again?


I just realized something, I was so excited about blogtober, that I jumped straight in without even mentioning why (laughs). Well, today’s post will be about just that. Let’s get into it:

  1. To submerse myself more into WordPress and familiarize myself: ok, so I wanted to consistently just post every day. No particular reason other than I’ve been trying to post at least twice a week. (Monday or Wednesdays & Saturdays). I’ve been trying to keep up and with my busy life being a mom, a student, and working, the only time I really have to breathe is when everyone else is asleep, but by then, I’m just as tired. Which is what happened yesterday. Which brings me to
  2. This is a personal challenge to ensure I’m tackling everything on my plate: I set so many goals, and when I began to get overwhelmed, one never gets done. But who says I can’t get them all done? To wrap up this year, it’s all about mind over matter for me. Whatever goals I set at the beginning of the year will be completed even if I have to lose some sleep. I’ve never challenged myself this hard before but I think that I am handling it quite well. I love the feeling of accomplishment and can’t wait to bask in it at the end of the month.
  3. Get my creative juices flowing: Stimulating the right side of my brain is definitely needed if I want to pull this off. I am still trying to figure out what audience I want to attract to my blog and blogtober has already influenced a few ideas; for the near future. Allowing my mind to work on its own, I’ve been able to pick and choose those influences.
  4. Trying to Mingle: so if you don’t already know I am looking to make a passive income from my blog and take this very seriously. But of course I am all about having fun with it too. I’ve been consistent since the beginning of Summer. While I speak to some of my followers from time to time, I feel like I’ve been confined or in a bubble per say. I want to not only want to submerse myself to the WordPress Community, I also want to attract more traffic to my blog as well and transform my visitors to subscribers.

With that being said, I would love to hear from anyone else who is thinking about joining the challenge (Do it!) and if you already are, tell me why! Happy blogtober!


Trip to International Food Market/Seafood Market with Dad

Gotta love my dad man. Whenever I’m with him, I feel empowered to discover the world around me. I think that is where I get my optimism from. As down to Earth he is, he always sees opportunity in any situation.

Now I didn’t grow up with him, but I like to think that his half is what kept my dreams alive. I don’t mean to downplay my mom but, we struggled. And she just didn’t feel there was time to dream big when mouths needed to be fed now. So, I get it. But too much of one thing and not enough of the other could always wreak havoc in a person’s life. Balance— influences harmony. And that, is a beautiful thing.. 

I got a phone call yesterday morning  asking if I wanted to ride with him to the an International Market (Grand Market off of Newtown Road in Virginia Beach) so I thought cool. I needed to talk to him anyway.

Got there, and immediately notice the diversity. Blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, and those from the Islands! Every isle for a different area of the world. I was in awe. 

Later we finished up by going to the seafood market to grab a bushel of crabs before it’s season ended. Brought in October strong! I’ll stop carrying on now and allow the art to speak for itself… 

International Farmer’s Market (my dad is pictured in the third shot)

Seafood Market

Casting Call!!

I’ve recently taken up completing surveys for extra pocket change. As boring and time consuming as I think this can get, lately they’ve been getting interesting. Recently, one asked me a question I have never thought of seriously, but felt compelled to answer:

If you could pick one Actor or Actress to portray you in a movie, who would it be and why?

 That really stumped me. First of all I was like, “me”? Then I thought, shoot, I don’t know. Then I started thinking about my favorites and the roles they have played in the past. Then I immediately omitted that notion from consideration because a role is just that, a role. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t do one thing because they are well-known for another. But, when they try to change up after doing the same thing for so long, it’s a fail 95% of the time. But I have thought about my favorites and here is my top 5:

  1. Queen Latifah
  2. Young Debbie Allen
  3. Sanaa Lathan
  4. Monique’
  5. Lisa Raye McCoy

I took into consideration their demeanor, personality (that I have seen through interviews as themselves), and who I thought would portray me the best (1 is best and 5 is worst). 

Who would you choose and why? Comment below!

Now when I cook, I make it count.

Since giving birth, I have to find time to do the things I enjoy. I’ve realized how much I took advantage of the little things in life. So I try to have fun when I’m doing normal day to day activities like cooking:

So, I decided one night I’d make dinner (I was very hungry and never have time to do this daily), and this is what I chose to make:

Pan-seered Salmon with potatoes & onions and steamed Brussels 

4 pieces of frozen salmon

Salt & Pepper 


Smoked Paprika

2 Garlic cloves 

1/3 c chopped mushrooms 

Vegetable oil (ran out of olive)


Pan-Seered Salmon 

I used frozen salmon so of course I let it thaw over night in the fridge, then I seasoned it with light salt & pepper on one side, & Goya on the other (I’m weird like that). And let marinate for 30 minutes.

Red Potatoes w mushroom, garlic, & onion

I chopped and rinsed 3 medium red potatoes and cooked them in a pan with 3 tsp of vegetable oil (I usually use olive but ran out). I first added the garlic (which burned a little— I forgot it cooks quick should’ve put that in last?) but anywho I cooked it until it was kind of browned and wasn’t translucent. 

As for the Brussels, I bought the bag of steamable vegetables (pop them in the microwave for 5 minutes faced down, added butter and pepper

Voila! Dinner is served.  

New Year, New Month, New Week, New Day


“So January was a bust… ehh. Brush it off and try again.”I love how February  begins everything this year! The Lord must’ve known I was gonna bs January. It’s also my birthday month (Feb 21st to be exact)! 

Plans? I am going to start this diet over. And follow it through until my birthday  

(that’s a Sunday). I am also getting back into the gym. But one thing I will continue to do, is take it one day at a time.

Blessings… Understand them.


I think I mistook the meaning of what came with them. In the matter of a years time, I received the greatest of them but at very high costs. Some blessings I didn’t even ask for.. Or maybe I did with out realizing it would be an outcome of something I was doing. 

I try not to bite off more than I can chew. But because of grace, that is God’s grace, I was presented with something I wasn’t ready for… At least I thought. You see this blessing requires time, patience, and sacrifice.

With time, there’s good (when dealing with God)… And there’s bad (when dealing with the flesh). With time, God heals, rebuilds, and restores. Something I’ve been long waiting for which is good. But also with time there is waiting, which involves a lot of patience. And with waiting, patience can be an issue. In due waiting, I sometimes— or a lot of the time find myself taking matters into my own hands. That battle between flesh and spirit interferes with my blessings. And sometimes when I’m not careful, I sacrifice that blessing God was preparing for me. Funny how that goes.

Though on the contrary, in order to receive my blessing, I must sacrifice something(s). What I thought was there to help me forever and ever, may have only been to get me where I’m going. Some blessings are only for a season… 

Understand… The blessing.

2016: the year of prosperity 

     This year has to be a year to remember. It has to change. For years I’ve been wanting a different outlook on life. I’ve always been this person who was too shy or timid to do or say anything. I was conservative and didn’t want anyone laughing at me for trying anything different. My acting teacher from high school phrased it as a “stupid wall”. That wall where awkwardness makes you too nervous to sustain certain moments so you just walk away from them hoping you and especially anyone else involved forgets about it because it was just too embarrassing. Yeah, that seems to have  ruled my life entirely too much. I let it overpower my better judgement and impulses. 
     This year I want to take charge of my being. I want full control and awareness of what I am doing. I want to be able to demand attention just by walking in the door. I want to live life with no regrets, now this doesn’t mean that I wish to go crazy and turn up all the time. But I want to do things and actually enjoy myself instead of feeling like the party pooper all of the time.

     What makes this year so different from the past? Well I have a daughter who counts on me to be the best person I can be and to protect and provide for her. I have to be great and I will. I declare it in Jesus’ name! Am I scared? Yes! Will I let my fear stop me? No. If you haven’t guessed it already, I do have a New Years Resolutions so stay tuned for that.

I went to church this morning and the sermon was all about moving forward. I loved how Pastor Young used an actual marine to illustrate the word. He being s veteran, he was able to explain that no matter what branch a soldier was in, they received the same basic training so each brother knew what the other was about to do before it was even done. I actually take notes during service and it reads:

Philippians 3:13-14

“Moving Forward”
Just because you make a move doesn’t mean you’re ready to move forward.

It doesn’t mean you’re leaving all your troubles behind.

The same problem can affect you differently when you’re in a different place.
Letter written by Apostle Paul to Philippian church. He founded that ministry.

Apprehended: Latin word: katalambano (to seize or take possession)

“I’m just like you”, Paul to the people.

The more you grow the more you realize what you don’t know.

Soldiers mentality (two steps for one overall action)

 Preparatory Command: forgetting those things behind me

Command of Execution: reach forth to the things which are ahead

Somethings you gotta let go when it’s time to move forward 

Natural & Spiritual
Power dunamus: internal power

 exucia: power of authority

God spoke to Pastor Young today to ask me to fast if I could. To find something to give up for 7 days starting at midnight tonight until Saturday night at midnight. I feel this in my heart to do. I couldn’t think of what to give up accept for sweets. I have decided to give up simple sugars for the next 7 days and only eat complex ones (fruits). The last time I fasted (which was once before), God moved mountains for me. And I feel the time has come again (most opportune, right before classes begin) to do so. Right now I’m going to try to meditate and talk to God.

For those who aren’t familiar with fasting, it is depriving your flesh (body) of a habit that you may allow your self to depend on heavily, and allowing God to take over. I feel like I’ve been heavily eating on sweets lately and I’m supposed to be changing up my diet. A lot is about to happen in the next week, so I need to get my mind right. 

My motivator motivated me by accomplishing a new baby milestone to start off our year! She’s sitting up and talking up a gibberish! 

With that being said I’m starting my first attempt at meditation tonight with this app I discovered called Breathe. It has step by step tools on how to get started and even explains the art of meditation!

Until Next Time,

Happy New Year!

Company Christmas Party!

You know I thought it was cool seeing everybody out of their element. Tonight was the first time I, personally allowed myself to enjoy the moment.   
I always looked down on being drunk in public but I know those people. Everyone’s cool, and even the managers were lit before we were!

You’re talking about some folks who are older than our years actually acting our age for once (laughs). We are the designated drivers.. We’re really the grandparents of our gym keeping everything together.  

But even the grandparents gotta have a life too… We had a ball. We danced together for the first time since we’ve been together! It was awesome. I think we’ll be going dancing again sometime soon, as long as we take a shot or two before hand!