First Time Couponing!!

Money is tight, and has been for a while. And ever since I came across a girl who came into my line (I was a cashier at Kmart) who paid nothing but tax after an $80.00+ transaction, I refuse to pay full price if I can help it! Shoot, I love saving money, who doesnt? So I finally decided to try it. I started a couponing book, and finished my first attempt to coupon.

In the end, I saved about $8.00. Which is perfectly fine, seeing my grand total decrease made my heart skip a beat (laughs), but I was expecting to pay maybe $20 dollars, not $75. But I give myself the benefit of the doubt. One, I was in Walgreens. Well, let’s get into my list of things I learned:

  1. Starting at one store actually kept me from becoming overwhelmed. Clipping the coupons alone stressed me out. For my first store, I picked Walgreens.
  2. I went online, read the disclosures. I also utilized my Walgreens card that earned me a couple of bucks to use on my next  visit as well as more coupons on related products!
  3. I only clipped coupons for items I know I needed. I just happened to need a lot, and as I learn more about the couponing game, hopefully I get to a point where I’m only paying the tax. Initially, i began to pick up anything and found my tab growing. I found that in sticking to the list, I saved myself more money and stress.

Well not bad for my first trip, and it was quite fun. Any comments or suggestions? Let me know!

When things hit the fan…

I had to cut my hours in half, 

I’m failing my classes,

I have no babysitter,

And my faith has been rocky since the year started. 

This is when I finally let go and let God.

I still don’t understand the art of being “still”. 

Not doing anything and letting God guide me. 

Is that literal? I take it that way, but I still have todo something. I can’t just quit my job and school and sit around. Maybe that’s too literal. 

Maybe it’s me controlling what I can and accepting what I can not:

I think Gods been tryna tell me for a while to just chill out… 

Idk what do you do in this situation? Every semester I attempt to take a class and I either drop one of am struggling to finish. I don’t want to mess up my financial aid. So I think I’m going to just focus on Tamia, working (maybe a trade), and.. Discovering myself. That I haven’t done yet. 

I fee like I’ve been doing what everyone else has wanted me to do. What I felt they’d like. I’m tired of living for everyone else. I just don’t want to do this anymore..

I lift my hands and surrender. I’ve finally broken down and don’t care who knows it. I need to officially start over.

Pardon My Absence

I’ve been thinking… and thinking. 

With so much going on with the baby, working full time, and school part time I always find myself having to sacrifice one or the other (never baby, she always take priority). 

But I find myself… Falling.

I’m behind in my school work and I’ve had to call out a few times from being stressed, and physically drained. On top of that I can’t forget about the home life, bills, chores, appointments, and the like. And on top of that, I’ve gained 10 pounds since I’ve worked my new job (they feed us a lot of snacks, but it’s my choice to eat it). My manager from my old job asked me to return but at reduced hours. The only reason I’m considering this is because the schedule is early and that’s what I need.

It’s only a month into the new year, so for that I can’t complain. With that being said I need to reevaluate my schedule.

Here are my ideas (let me know what you think in the comments section below).

1.Drop down to part time but also pick up the schedule at the old job (it’s a check every week and I get in and out some days of the week to be home with baby and homework). My current schedule is 11-7; no time in the am or pm to do anything with us sharing one car and waiting on the other to get off, I can be off before he even has to go to work. 

2. I quit the full time, go back to old job with part time hours and pick up an at home gig (my plan anyway) making the same amount but more flexible to set my own hours. I only have to worry about a commute 3 days a week and I don’t have to deal with any customers (whatever job I get at least). I’ll only need a baby sitter for a few hours. 

This is for intended discussion. Please, if you e been through this I welcome your wisdom!

Blessings… Understand them.


I think I mistook the meaning of what came with them. In the matter of a years time, I received the greatest of them but at very high costs. Some blessings I didn’t even ask for.. Or maybe I did with out realizing it would be an outcome of something I was doing. 

I try not to bite off more than I can chew. But because of grace, that is God’s grace, I was presented with something I wasn’t ready for… At least I thought. You see this blessing requires time, patience, and sacrifice.

With time, there’s good (when dealing with God)… And there’s bad (when dealing with the flesh). With time, God heals, rebuilds, and restores. Something I’ve been long waiting for which is good. But also with time there is waiting, which involves a lot of patience. And with waiting, patience can be an issue. In due waiting, I sometimes— or a lot of the time find myself taking matters into my own hands. That battle between flesh and spirit interferes with my blessings. And sometimes when I’m not careful, I sacrifice that blessing God was preparing for me. Funny how that goes.

Though on the contrary, in order to receive my blessing, I must sacrifice something(s). What I thought was there to help me forever and ever, may have only been to get me where I’m going. Some blessings are only for a season… 

Understand… The blessing.

2016: the year of prosperity 

     This year has to be a year to remember. It has to change. For years I’ve been wanting a different outlook on life. I’ve always been this person who was too shy or timid to do or say anything. I was conservative and didn’t want anyone laughing at me for trying anything different. My acting teacher from high school phrased it as a “stupid wall”. That wall where awkwardness makes you too nervous to sustain certain moments so you just walk away from them hoping you and especially anyone else involved forgets about it because it was just too embarrassing. Yeah, that seems to have  ruled my life entirely too much. I let it overpower my better judgement and impulses. 
     This year I want to take charge of my being. I want full control and awareness of what I am doing. I want to be able to demand attention just by walking in the door. I want to live life with no regrets, now this doesn’t mean that I wish to go crazy and turn up all the time. But I want to do things and actually enjoy myself instead of feeling like the party pooper all of the time.

     What makes this year so different from the past? Well I have a daughter who counts on me to be the best person I can be and to protect and provide for her. I have to be great and I will. I declare it in Jesus’ name! Am I scared? Yes! Will I let my fear stop me? No. If you haven’t guessed it already, I do have a New Years Resolutions so stay tuned for that.

I went to church this morning and the sermon was all about moving forward. I loved how Pastor Young used an actual marine to illustrate the word. He being s veteran, he was able to explain that no matter what branch a soldier was in, they received the same basic training so each brother knew what the other was about to do before it was even done. I actually take notes during service and it reads:

Philippians 3:13-14

“Moving Forward”
Just because you make a move doesn’t mean you’re ready to move forward.

It doesn’t mean you’re leaving all your troubles behind.

The same problem can affect you differently when you’re in a different place.
Letter written by Apostle Paul to Philippian church. He founded that ministry.

Apprehended: Latin word: katalambano (to seize or take possession)

“I’m just like you”, Paul to the people.

The more you grow the more you realize what you don’t know.

Soldiers mentality (two steps for one overall action)

 Preparatory Command: forgetting those things behind me

Command of Execution: reach forth to the things which are ahead

Somethings you gotta let go when it’s time to move forward 

Natural & Spiritual
Power dunamus: internal power

 exucia: power of authority

God spoke to Pastor Young today to ask me to fast if I could. To find something to give up for 7 days starting at midnight tonight until Saturday night at midnight. I feel this in my heart to do. I couldn’t think of what to give up accept for sweets. I have decided to give up simple sugars for the next 7 days and only eat complex ones (fruits). The last time I fasted (which was once before), God moved mountains for me. And I feel the time has come again (most opportune, right before classes begin) to do so. Right now I’m going to try to meditate and talk to God.

For those who aren’t familiar with fasting, it is depriving your flesh (body) of a habit that you may allow your self to depend on heavily, and allowing God to take over. I feel like I’ve been heavily eating on sweets lately and I’m supposed to be changing up my diet. A lot is about to happen in the next week, so I need to get my mind right. 

My motivator motivated me by accomplishing a new baby milestone to start off our year! She’s sitting up and talking up a gibberish! 

With that being said I’m starting my first attempt at meditation tonight with this app I discovered called Breathe. It has step by step tools on how to get started and even explains the art of meditation!

Until Next Time,

Happy New Year!

2 Month Update 

Weigh in and measurements

13lbs, 23 in


She was due for shots at this doctors visit. My grandma had gone with me being that Terrence couldn’t make it (had to work, duty calls). It was one of the hardest things I had to see. Not only was my grandma holding her but she had me take pictures with her phone (I’ll see about getting those from her..). But once she was done it wasn’t too bad. No after effects, she wasn’t cranky. It went fairly well. Although waiting 4 hours just for 3 shots caused me to switch pediatricians. Her pediatrician was good! Very knowledgeable and up-to-date on research studies and the medicine world, but her administrative staff fell short. It’s sad as a young black parent having to leave an all black doctors office. I’ve never been a fan of the CP time.


Breast feeding is still going strong. Actually starting to rebuild my supply! No more chapped nipples but the soreness comes and goes (lanolin helps). Able to have a pump break at work.


She’s starting to move her legs (signs of wanting to crawl) starting to scoot on her belly. Still holding her head strong!


I’ve ran out of prenatal vitamins, hoping to get more on pay day.

Gift List! 

I’ve been so busy with the new job transition and tight tight schedule that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog! But I am making some time don’t you guys worry. Well, let me at least share my Christmas list with you all.. That is, my gift list:



  1.      Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano
  2.   Bright Starts Safari
  3.   Fisher Price Rainforest Friends 3-in-1 mobile 
  4.   Fisher Price Soothe n’ Play Light Show
  5.   Baby Einstein Glow
  6.       More clothes!


  1.    Gift cards!!
  2.   A jacket
  3.   We’ll see what the budget says about this one lol

Last but not least, Terrence:

  1.   New shoes 
  2.   A watch
  3. Maybe some sneakers or an all about you basket with all of his favorites things!! Depends on the budget.. 

This is what I hope to get for my loved ones for Christmas after paying the bills and getting more work clothes and a new coat for me *smirks*. Hoping I get paid tomorrow! Fingers crossed