Baby Update

The last update was when Tamia was her first birthday. She will be two this September. I don’t know what happened looked up and now she’s chasing after me! Man oh man..

Talking /Learning

I think she started singing before she started talking. Her dad keeps saying she’s gonna be a singer. Her favorite songs are itsy bitsy spider, ABC’s (which she is starting to make those ee uu beee sounds — t u v, ess— x).  She also likes twinkle twinkle little star (which I found out was the same melody as the ABC song—children open your eyes to things you never noticed) and Wheels on the Bus. She learned Ring Around the Rosey in daycare. You should have seen my face when I noticed her singing it for the first time.

On top of singing, her vocabulary is expanding. Hot, cold (and the right times to use them), up, lamp (or amp), dada, and MAMA (smiles). Why does mama take the longest for babies to say? I mean, I did carry you and birth you. But it’s cool it was worth the wait. I just light up every time I hear it. She is still using sign language (my grandma got her started) for eat, bath, more, and cup, trying to get her to say those words but I won’t rush. It will come.

We stopped reading to her because it was just ripping the pages in the books. So instead, we found the television of course caught her interest. Little Baby Bum and Baby Einstein are her favorite shows. She sings a long, dances with and gets help with pronouncing her words from LBB while Little Einstein assisted with the sign language. These shows definitely helped with us teaching her. We also try to incorporate our surroundings for recognition. She also likes Pocoyo and was watching Sophia the First (I think this one is more for me as it doesn’t quite grab her attention yet).

Her dad does a great job at helping her to count on her fingers. She is also starting to form those words verbally (fieee—five, teee—three). She also got this reinforcement in daycare.

Nightime/ Breastfeeding

So if you can recall around this time last yer, I had trouble getting Tamia to sleep through the night. Well as of 2017, something had to turn around. I found myself irritable and confused. At this time, I was just about fed up with breastfeeding because the night time feeding were still happening. Having to roll over four to five times a night to soothe her and put her back to sleep (yes I was and still am co-sleeping) and at this point I was gradually weaning and got up to night time feeding only. Her dad finally stepped in. Thankful that he stepped up and took over for me because—I didn’t have this situation at all). He would come home from work. wake me up to go downstairs on the couch to sleep while he slept with her. There were days he would put her to sleep (how hard that must’ve been for him) and she’d be screaming for a while. I had to put in my earphones to contain myself from going upstairs. He was patient (thankful that he has so much of it—because I didn’t). I caved and went upstairs twice out of that  process. I’d say it took about a week for him to sleep train her (without my interruptions) after we got through the kinks, and noticing I was not night feeding so that allowed me to fully wean her. It’s funny how that worked out.

She is a light sleeper, so when I get up, she will eventually get up to find me. But for the most part, she sleeps through the night! She takes at least two naps a day (fighting that second one).

Potty Training

I was on my hands and knees praying for a child with her own mind. A leader. Who knows what she wants. Be careful what you ask for (laughs) but in this case this is a good thing! We started trying to potty train Tamia in December (15 months). That was a no-go. Not only did she wait until she got off the potty to pee on the floor, but I personally wasn’t committing enough time to teaching her. I always took her with me when I went, and still do—or she’ll follow me anyway. But while she was in daycare, she was benefiting as well. Because we stopped daycare and was in the process of moving, we decided to stop the process until after we were settled in the new place because we didn’t know how the environment change would affect everything. On the contrary to what I expected to happen, she immediately started going on her own when we moved into the new place! She signs to us when she has to go, we open the door and remove her diaper (yes she is sill in diapers, but will be incorporating pull-ups soon), will do her business and go on her way. She has had one bowel movement in the potty since we’ve moved in (it’s been a month now) and she actually had an accident on the floor after bath time (accidents are to be expected). But for the most part, she is doing well. We are only training during the day time at the moment. Not sure when we’ll start the night-time. Pull-ups first, then night-time. Baby steps. But I learned that I have a child that does things on her own time so I can’t really put her on a schedule. She definitely lets me know when she needs something…


Speaking of which, she definitely lets us know when she’s hungry. She still loves her water and juice (still iffy on the milk but loves yogurt). She devours fruit but spits out her veggies (will definitely be bringing this to the docs attention come the next visit). She loves potatoes (fried, baked, mashed). She is indeed a picky eater if you haven’t guessed. I made a spring frittata with bacon, cheese, zucchini and squash for breakfast last weekend (recipe coming soon), but she only ate the bites with bacon in it (rolls eyes). I thought being these veggies were soft, they’d blend in with the egg, but nothing gets past this child (again, I prayed day and night for a smart child—and that’s exactly what I got).

I learn something new as I fall in love with this girl every single day  I am with her. I love her strong, loving personality. She is the best company I’ve had along my journey. Together we will conquer the world.

Life Update!!

I feel like I have been neglecting lifeoftf (new site url). Here I am to reassure myself that I have in fact not been. As I stated in my about me page, I will try to post twice a week. As Sunday is approaching this Saturday afternoon, I though I’d pop in and let anyone who cares know, that I am alive and well (smiles). Let’s get an update, shall we?

What’s been going on? So if you don’t already know, I started a new job on Monday that is going very well to start. Praying for a long time with the company and that it is as beneficial to me as I will be to them.

First things first, Greetings as I wave to my new followers! I think I just gained three just in this one day. It warms my heart to know that people are engaged in my story. Okay, back to my life.

So with this new job, I am readjusting to the 40 hour work week, as my last job was 25. Just trying to get back into the groove and I think I am handling it quite well. I am of course, now limited on my free time, so I have been trying to balance my agenda this past week to create a flow of my daily routine. Hmm, maybe I should do a post on how I balance my agenda… 

Speaking of ideas, I have a lot of drafts I’ve been working on including some posts on beauty. I have a hair regimen & a skin regimen post in the works, I haven’t posted them yet, because I want to see how my hair and skin reacts to the product(s) I have been using. A review of those products will be included as well.

I’m also trying to finish the semester strong, I have Bs in both of my classes, and I’d like to make them A’s (my original goal).

Tamia has been a sponge, growing and soaking in everything around her. Now that I am back at a 40 hour work week, I’ve been trying to ensure I am spending a time designated to her. I want to miss a thing!

I think that in taking this journey with lifeoftf seriously, I went in thinking that things had to be done all at once. I have realized that this journey has to be experienced. It is a gradual paced technique that I am trying. It is definitely taking some getting used to because I have always just been in a rush to do things. But patience is a virtue. Bare with me. This step is necessary for growth.
Until Next Time,


Tamia’s Birthday Letter

A year old? Already?!

Where has the time gone? Tamia, my Mia.

Standing, walking, and talking!

Soon, I’ll look up to your stretched out hands asking for the keys *sniffs*

It has been amazing… watching you grow this past year, and I am looking forward to every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, every waking [and sleeping that I can get] moment, both happy and sad, to come.

I want you to always know that I as your mother will always do my best to teach you right from wrong, guiding you in the right direction and steering you away from the wrong, to the best of my judgement.

Always know, that with God, all things are possible, as He is your strength, your rock. We will continue to pray, and as I grow stronger in my faith the man above, so will you, until you feel either able to establish a relationship on your own with him, or if [God forbid] you feel there can’t be one.

It is my job to teach and guide you. It is yours to continue to stay on that path.

There is still a lot you have to learn about this world [as do I] but, know that I will always be here to help you.

I pray that I continue to show you just as much love and support as I have always wanted.

I apologize for not figuring out what your cries meant. For the most part I got them down, although there were some I just couldn’t decipher. There may come a time where you look to me for answers and I just can’t give them to you. I leave you with this at the end of your first year: Be patient, be kind, and steadfast. Pray, meditate, and he will lead you.

Always remember that, Mama loves you. Always.

Happy First Birthday (Sept. 18, 2016)

Baby’s 6 Month Check Up

Tamia is 6 months now!! Time is flying. She is full of personality!

She is 19.4 pounds & 27.5 inches (I thought she’d be heavier, she sure feels that way!)

Mia’s Milestones 



Shaking her head “no” 

     She happens to do this when she’s excited. I thought something was wrong because I thought this would happen later on but no she’s right on track!

Grunting (the anger emotion)

      OK, so she’s been doing this one for months. Is she clearing her throat to speak? Well, for now I notice she does this when she’s agitated (laughs).

Hysterically laughing

Missing us when we leave the room



Rocking back & forth in crawling position

Rolling onto her belly 

Two bottom teeth are in

Standing with assistance



Solid foods (she likes sweet peas, and pears)

Sleep schedule still not quite established 

Bottle feeding during the day, breast at night

Fever after having shots 

Falling asleep in my lap while watching tv

She’s talking to us now!!! 
Dada, mama, and nana are all we hear these days. 

She’s eating those toes!! (Been doing that for a month now..)

Baby’s 4 Month Update 

Tamia is growing.. & growing & growing. The only nursing position is lying on our sides belly-to-belly, because she’s so big!   


Weighing in at 17 lbs, 27 in!!!


Tamia drained both boobs, and then spit it all back up on the bed sheets and her clothes a few seconds into burping her tonight! We had just been home an hour, and my mom said she fed her an hour before  we picked her up [laughs].

Baby Milestones


She loves sitting up, she’s been doing that for a while actually.

As far as rolling over, she rolls on her side so far. I hope to see a full roll over in the coming weeks.

The gibberish talking gets better and better! We heard her say Hi! I say that because whenever in said hi, she would say it right back. I even caught her on camera!

The sporadic giggles we’ve caught about three times now! The last one made me a little emotional (don’t judge me).

We’ve got to incorporate more tummy time. I’ve noticed she’s started to push up with her arms. The legs are still making the crawling motion, she just hasn’t tried lifting up on the legs. But baby is progressing!

She’s also started this growling noise which I suspect she gets from daddy. He’s kind of created a trademark of his own:
It’s weird and I wonder if other babies do this. (Please let me know) she growls when she’s excited or upset.

I suspect she is definitely teething. Lastnight, she nibbled the heck out of my fingers… Almost like she was trying to chew at them! Maybe I’ll get her some teething bites?

Baby Food

So I wanted to cook all of her meals for her but I have no extra time to these days. With that being said, I’ve decided on Beechnut & Gerber: Organic products for solid foods.

So she likes apples and mixed vegetables.  I tried chicken and chicken broth, which she likes but it only looked like she was sucking the broth and not actually eating the chicken which made a big mess (and smells horrible. It smelled like canned meat— which it technically is lol) so I’ll probably make the meat myself in that case. 

Dad and I were worried because we find her rubbing her eyes and nose that she may have allergies, but her new pediatrician says its normal and too soon to tell because her immune system hasn’t even set in yet. 

But all in all, Tamia is doing just fine!

Pardon My Absence

I’ve been thinking… and thinking. 

With so much going on with the baby, working full time, and school part time I always find myself having to sacrifice one or the other (never baby, she always take priority). 

But I find myself… Falling.

I’m behind in my school work and I’ve had to call out a few times from being stressed, and physically drained. On top of that I can’t forget about the home life, bills, chores, appointments, and the like. And on top of that, I’ve gained 10 pounds since I’ve worked my new job (they feed us a lot of snacks, but it’s my choice to eat it). My manager from my old job asked me to return but at reduced hours. The only reason I’m considering this is because the schedule is early and that’s what I need.

It’s only a month into the new year, so for that I can’t complain. With that being said I need to reevaluate my schedule.

Here are my ideas (let me know what you think in the comments section below).

1.Drop down to part time but also pick up the schedule at the old job (it’s a check every week and I get in and out some days of the week to be home with baby and homework). My current schedule is 11-7; no time in the am or pm to do anything with us sharing one car and waiting on the other to get off, I can be off before he even has to go to work. 

2. I quit the full time, go back to old job with part time hours and pick up an at home gig (my plan anyway) making the same amount but more flexible to set my own hours. I only have to worry about a commute 3 days a week and I don’t have to deal with any customers (whatever job I get at least). I’ll only need a baby sitter for a few hours. 

This is for intended discussion. Please, if you e been through this I welcome your wisdom!

Gift List! 

I’ve been so busy with the new job transition and tight tight schedule that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog! But I am making some time don’t you guys worry. Well, let me at least share my Christmas list with you all.. That is, my gift list:



  1.      Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano
  2.   Bright Starts Safari
  3.   Fisher Price Rainforest Friends 3-in-1 mobile 
  4.   Fisher Price Soothe n’ Play Light Show
  5.   Baby Einstein Glow
  6.       More clothes!


  1.    Gift cards!!
  2.   A jacket
  3.   We’ll see what the budget says about this one lol

Last but not least, Terrence:

  1.   New shoes 
  2.   A watch
  3. Maybe some sneakers or an all about you basket with all of his favorites things!! Depends on the budget.. 

This is what I hope to get for my loved ones for Christmas after paying the bills and getting more work clothes and a new coat for me *smirks*. Hoping I get paid tomorrow! Fingers crossed