“Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.”

Current Favorites

I got this tag from Jenny In Neverland, so I decided to share a few of my favorites this month.

  1. Yoga: while I have been slacking on exercising, I have started some simple morning yoga poses to jumpstart my day. I try to do them in the a.m. oddly, Tamia has allowed me to do them!
  1. Reading: on my early days I work I’m up at 6 am, the first 30 minutes I try to read. For the past month, I’ve been reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. This read has me not only reflecting on my own level of leadership, but I have been in observance of the leaders around me (or there lack of) analyzing their style of taking initiative and taking notes. Highly suggest it. I found the book on thriftbooks for $4.19.
  2. Learning: if you don’t know already, I love to learn. As I am still waiting on my decision letter for University, I have in the meantime enrolled myself in a self-paced Speed Reading course! At the time it was $10.00 on Groupon (a $199 value) for full access to this course on skillsuccess.com. They also have other various types of courses. I also found a Voiceover Course. I’m really excited about this one but wanted to take the Speed Reading course first as I believe this will be highly beneficial on my journey to success.
  3. Youtuber Andrea Lewis: if anyone is familiar with the Canadian Show: Degrassi, she portrayed Hazel Aden in the show. I came across her page looking for acting videos. She has an entire show called Black Actress (2 Seasons worth) that starts with interviewing famous black actresses like Essence Adkins, Aisha Hinds, & Erica Hubbard. They give life lessons on the industry, tips on auditioning process, etc. Currently, I love her self-love Saturday segments.

What are your favorite activities/things right now?

Jay Colby covers: Finding Yourself vs. Creating Yourself

For many years the concept of finding yourself versus creating yourself has been a topic of discussion. This concept comes from a famous quote by author George Bernard Shaw “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating you”. Finding Yourself Many times when the topic of finding yourself is usually referenced to a “young […]

via Finding Yourself V.S Creating Yourself — Jay Colby

Mid Year Check-in: Second Half Goals + First Half Recap

June, I’m glad you’re gone.

While I feel like I did a lot, I also felt like I didn’t do a thing.

No, let me not say that because I worked my ass off. I had a good month work wise. But in doing that I realized that I had no time for myself. Actually this entire first half of the year, I did nothing for myself. Multiple failed attempts at working out, no new adventures, no new habits formed. It sounds a little sad. Let me not say that either..

I moved and learned a lot on my job, and I finally applied to University so I can finish my Bachelor’s. Just waiting on the decision letter.

Patience is what I learned this first half of the year. Moving too quickly can cause you to miss out on things that matter, beneficial aspects of the journey. Finding peace in waiting is what it is all about. Going back and reviewing everything you already did you ma find you missed something or could’ve done something better. It’s all a learning experience.

You have to forgive me if I sound a little blunt, straightforward or just plan rude. I honestly believe it is the birth control I’m on. My emotions have been strong and I have been meaning them.

I find myself at a plateau in life. I know what it is I want to do, I do the research, but make no plans to implement them. Why is this? Any psychologists/life coaches out there with some free info please don’t hesitate to comment a tip or two.

Moving forward, the year is not over yet. It is the second half and I still have time to turn this thing around. So these will be the basis of my goals for the rest of the year and what you can expect to read:

  1. Meditation + Prayer (Mind & Spirit)
  2. Cardio + Strength Training (Body)
  3. Clean Eating + Detox (Body)
  4. Learning (Intellectual Stimulation)

The first half I am not too worried about but I do wish I did more. It is a blessing however, to have the mind set of a new day. Everyday I wake up, I start over. I remember the past, but I try not to let it determine my present or future.

How is your year going? Let’s get some motivation in the comments.

First Try at Ribs!!

1 rack of Baby Back Ribs

Lawry’s: Seasoned Salt

Great Value: Organic Garlic Powder

Trader Joe’s Smoked Paprika

Great Value: Organic Hickory BBQ Seasoning

Mrs. Dash: Salt-Free Original Blend

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Clean thawed ribs (I removed some of the fat), then season however you like. I don’t really eat ribs unless they are off of a grill (or unless my grandma cooks them. She insisted I take a rack and they were halfway thawed so I said why not.
  3. To mock that grilled/smoked taste, I rubbed the smoked pap and hickory BBQ on it first, then the seasoned salt, garlic powder, then the Mrs. Dash. Baked for 30-40 minutes (my grandma said 30 but, I did 40 and they still came out fairly well. She also said to use tenderizer, but I didn’t have any so..

Came out delicious, I guess it was all in how well I rubbed in the spices because it tasted like I marinated the ribs over night.  For my first time making ribs, I did a good job. As you can see I don’t have actual measurements for how much seasoning. I am able to measure just by looking (I can obviously tell when enough is enough).

I know that is something I need to work on and I don’t normally eat this heavy. But everything in moderation right? But I do like well seasoned food. In other words, I like to taste my spices and seasonings in every bite. I guess I had a sweet tooth, because after they were finished, I added a hint of brown sugar on top and took the left over oils from the bottom of the pan I cooked the asparagus to coat the brown sugar to I guess caramelize into the ribs. I didn’t taste the asparagus on the ribs at all.

I sauteed asparagus in olive oil, salt, and pepper for about 5-7 minutes.

I also baked corn on the cob provided by my grandma (she provided this whole meal minus the asparagus— found that in the fridge). That recipe I got from pinterest.

The cookies were prepackaged from Walmart, Tollhouse brand I believe, also amazing! This meal was great and if you try it, please let me know how it turned out in the comments.

Bonus Tips:


  1. I heard Gordon Ramsey say fat’s only purpose on meat is to help maintain flavor while meat is cooking—it should be cut off and disregarded after cooked (steaks and ribs for example).
  2. My grandma said spraying over your ribs after seasoning them helps to keep them from drying out while in the oven. Indeed she was right!

Embracing Womanhood: Life Update

Writer’s block sucks.

With today being exactly a month since my last post, I had to let y’all know I was still breathing. But if you follow me on social media, then you already know I’m doing fine. This is what’s happened:

I finally moved!

So on 4/29, I signed a new lease and downsized from my townhouse to a furnished garden. Even though I lost a lot of space, I gained a lot of amenities. one less utility, a new washer and dryer, and updated kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool, fireplace, two full bathrooms, quiet neighborhood, and cheaper rent than the last place. Can you say a blessing? Thank you, Lord. Trying to get settled in and ensure I left the previous place on good terms is what took up most of my time.

I think my truck finally gave out on me.

After over drafting my account to fill it up, unnoticed it starting to struggle to start. In my mind I was like, “…watch the starter go out…”. Surely enough, after getting home from work one night (thank God I made it home), the next morning it wouldn’t catch. I have been out of a truck for the past three weeks now, and while my dad says he’s found a good deal for me, I’m just not ready for payments at this time. I mean yes, I moved to save on bills and get caught up on the current ones. Not to add another one and a higher one. Insurance, payments, and the maintenance makes me nervous. But for some reason I have that meme in my mind where Jesus is trying to get the little girl to give up her teddy bear in hopes that she will trust him, but she loves it. In the meme, he has a bigger one behind him, but won’t reveal it to her until she lets go of the one she has..

(in just typing this, I realized I’m hindering my own blessing— *calls dad*).

Embracing Womanhood:

So I have been thinking about how I view myself for a while now. I never really discovered my femininity (or essence that makes me feel like a woman). For instance, I’ve been a tomboy since as long as I can remember, the girl next door and have been referred to as the mom or grandma of the group for as long as I can remember. And while there is nothing wrong with it, mentally I’m starting to feel that way. To the point where I’m physically starting to feel like I’m senile. I just see myself going down a bitter road because of it. So, I looked myself in the mirror. Heck, I’m 23. I want to start feeling like a woman. I started watching YouTube videos on how to get started in wearing makeup, more hair tutorials and the like, well… I’ll make a separate post about this.

Mommy Adventures:

I’ve been trying to maintain a good work-life home-life balance. I think I have been doing quite well with that. I am back to cooking and meal prepping, as well as starting to get some AM workouts in at home.  On top of that I am trying to make sure I maintain an active relationship with my daughter. Having so much to do during the week, it’s like I barely see her. So even if she is up when I get up in the morning or going to sleep later, I try to remind myself to make each moment an enjoyable one. As a matter of fact, I haven’t done a baby update since she was 6 months, stay tuned for that too.


Moving into a new place at first is expensive but as I get settled in, I can see the expenses decrease. This will be a gradual change but I am glad I am finally moving in the direction I want. I had to put a halt to the envelope challenge. I hope to start this back up soon. I still participate in my rebates but haven’t been couponing. I am currently trying to familiarize myself with the new area I’m in, so I can start shopping in new places.

Look forward to New Content:

Can you believe I am still unpacking after a month in? With the smaller space, I’m still trying to figure out how to place everything. A lot of things just don’t go with the place. Definitely look forward to a furnished tour (this will probably take a few months because I want it completely finished—I didn’t think to take pictures of it unfurnished because moving day was quite stressful—there maybe a post on that craziness). Also, going into more details of this post is a separate post about my journey into make-up and how that is going for me. Baby post is definitely in the works. Also my current YouTuber list is in the works as well (maybe my own channel…)!

Well, that is what’s been going on. Oh and I made a snapchat. Still trying to figure it out but bare with me. and my social media usernames have changed from olesoulbynature to justsayt (instagram & snapchat) & justsay_t (twitter). So feel free to follow me there for more updates.

Until Next Time,



Small to You, Big to Me.


One month ago, I recited the first half of this poem to my entire job site— it’s at least 1600 of us. 

Understand how nervous I was..

We were originally given until this month to be ready for this, we were told a week in advanced and wasn’t made aware we had to perform it until two days prior. Now neither of us being poets, idk how we got ourselves into this. Actually I do; see my job is split up into three major teams, each major team has about 5 sub-teams. Each major team has to host a floor meeting (entire site) to bring in the month with our new site goals. It’s kind of like a pep rally. Being that we just started doing this in January, the first two teams did a rap. We were tired of those so we decided that we’d be a little different. We did a Showtime at the Apollo edition!

Now Ashley, my teammate suggested someone do a spoken word, now idk how, but one of our managers won’t playing around so she said cool, Ashley is doing spoken word.. wait what? So she wasn’t up there alone, I said I’d play bongos in the background. We had one of our managers bring back Sandman, we had a member of the team dressed as Kiki Shepard, and my teammate portrayed Steve Harvey (laughs). We dropped the bongos, and just split up the spoken word. Of course, Ashley picked the second half so I agreed to do the first half. I was never the one to be chosen as lead in anything, but I said to myself if I’m going to take this acting thing seriously, I gotta start somewhere. 

Here is where the BGs came into play, the time came to get ready and everyone performing gathered, we were all talking about how nervous we were, win the Apollo theme music queued, and as we started getting each other hype in line, I smacked a coworkers butt… like the basketball teammate. I was so embarrassed and apologized so many times (we were still in the workplace).

I was like omg, Ima get fired, forget this poem. But after reassuring me it was okay and not to worry. I looked up and it was time for us to go on. Somehow, we got stage names of Afro Centric (me) and Spiritual Flower or something (Ashley—laughs). Steve Harvey asked some interview questions and ..

I sent a shout out to my team and manager who was out on an injury for a xouple of months and just went for it. 

It was kind of a blur, I heard some laughs (nailed it)

Some snaps (they’re diggin it)

Then just like that it was Ashley’s turn.

We closed the poem together.. and a whole lot of hooplah

Cheers!! Clapping!! What? You really liked me?! My biggest fear, what had shied me away from acting in the first place, had been overcome. Not only had I overcome stage fright, but I had opened the performance, and was able to put myself in the shoes of the character.. because I am no poet. This was a big accomplishment for me. I even did a little improv, I didn’t read the poem word for word. I made it my own. And I loved every second of it. 

Following that performance (which  was about two minutes in length), I was getting compliments from people who I worked with in the site who I only seen in passing. The acknowledgement was truly humbling and rewarding. I originally performed this March 16th, and I am still being complimented on this performance. It was small, very small, but the significance behind it, gives me the confidence and the confirmation to believe in God to continue this journey, I am thankful to myself for trusting God to take a step out on my own understanding and failures of my past to give this another try. I know I will not always have good days and people won’t always respond to my performances as well as they did this one. But as long as I believe in my work, that is reason enough to keep moving forward and never be shied away from my calling again. Next step, I need to desperately find some local classes in my area and make time for them!

Ps: I hope you enjoy this anecdote: I don’t have any pictures from the show because everything is confidential at my job (sorry)

The Dialer Blues

Wake up in the morning rushing to not be late

Because you remember tyvann saying ash and Taureenia you have Dialer at eight

Walk on the floor and you can hear a manager saying the money is here

While logging in the phone and hearing

Welcome to avaya scream loud in your ear 

Ready to make big money and go on with your day

 But Answering machines wrong numbers seems like Dialer just not going your way

Feeling like you’re getting close but your no where near

While you can hear Wall Street and capital hill cheer

You trying to represent for the unit the best team here

But Dialer will have you feeling like press your luck

In your head Screaming no whammy no whammy big bucks big bucks 

Finally someone comes on the line ready to pay it all and you see 

It’s in someone else flipping responsibility 

If you can relate then you know this feeling isn’t new

And you know why I call this poem the Dialer blues 

-Ashley Kilpatrick